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10 Things Hospitals Should Do To Reduce Inpatient Census And Improve Patient Experience

10 things hospitals should do to reduce inpatient census and improve patient experience

[bctt tweet=”Reducing length of stay (LOS) has become a major priority for management in many hospitals.” username=”leantaas”]

While reimbursement requirements are a major driver of this focus, reducing LOS can also decrease the number of hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), which are subject to payment reductions of their own. Efforts to reduce LOS have led to a flurry of research into factors that impact LOS and how to address them. Due to the diversity of patient conditions, however, much of the literature tends to rightfully focus on a very specific class of patient (e.g., patients with acute kidney damage). However, there are also several general operational factors that have an impact on LOS and are more straightforward to address.

Read the complete article as originally published in Becker’s Hospital Review.


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