iQueue for Infusion Centers Crosses the “100-Infusion Center” Milestone with Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Customers include 23 NCI and 15 NCCN centers Patients see wait time reduced by 30-50 percent Visit for a demo SANTA CLARA, Calif. — April 18, 2018 — LeanTaaS, a Silicon Valley healthcare analytics company that increases patient… Read More

A recent survey of CHIME CIOs reveals a continued disconnect between the availability of EHR data and its ability to influence both revenue and operating margins in hospitals. The survey, conducted by CHIME and LeanTaaS, asked hospital CIOs five questions about their perceptions with regard to EHR data and attempts to increase both operating margins… Read More

The notion of improving operational efficiency is conspicuously absent from the healthcare debate — neither Obamacare nor the newly proposed GOP plan discusses the impact that a step-function improvement in efficiency could have on access to healthcare (through more capacity), quality of healthcare services (through reduced wait times for patients) or cost (through better utilization… Read More

It seems as if news about another hospital laying off workers–or worse, closing–hits the news everyday; at last count 21 hospitals stopped treating patients in 2016. Hospitals and healthcare systems across the country, including some of the largest, laid off thousands of employees. In November 2016 alone, 13 providers eliminated more than 1,000 jobs. In September,… Read More

Hat tip to Sharon O’Keefe, CEO of the University of Chicago Medical Center, for introducing the phrase “make your assets sweat” to our team, which inspired me to write this article. The Affordable Care Act, increased government regulations and rising healthcare costs are forcing hospitals to do more with less. Last year, several major healthcare networks… Read More

A common challenge with healthcare in general, and cancer care in particular, is the peaks and valleys in patient appointment scheduling, which often results in inefficient use of scarce and expensive resources, unpredictable wait times for patients and overtime hours for staff. Sanjeev Argawal, president and CMO of LeanTaaS Healthcare explains how data-science can optimize… Read More

Interoperability continues to be one of healthcare IT’s biggest trends in 2016 as the industry sees momentous forward movement. In fact, interoperability is not a new trend. It has been an important mission (and a challenge) for healthcare administrators for decades, but the past couple of years have been game-changing. First, the U.S. Department of… Read More

Dick Foster is a Partner at Lux Capital and a member of our Board. Becker’s  interviewed him to get his thoughts on healthcare trends and the “hospital of the future”.  NOTE: This is the first segment in Becker’s two-part interview with Dr. Dick Foster. In Part I of this interview, they will cover the latest technology trends and… Read More

Consumerization of EHR For decades, companies and regulators have been trying to “fix” the EHR. But since the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) in 2009 — a $30 billion effort to transform healthcare delivery through widespread use of EHR technology — the “next generation” EHR is becoming a reality, and it will… Read More