A common challenge with healthcare in general, and cancer care in particular, is the peaks and valleys in patient appointment scheduling, which often results in inefficient use of scarce and expensive resources, unpredictable wait times for patients and overtime hours for staff. Sanjeev Argawal, president and CMO of LeanTaaS Healthcare explains how data-science can optimize… Read More

Explosion of data volumes. Interoperability of systems. Large servers in the sky that can analyze enormous amounts of data, compute complex algorithms in real time, and communicate in microseconds. Mobile communication through devices that patients, providers and staff all carry all the time. What does this all mean for hospital operations? Based on working with… Read More

Dick Foster is a Partner at Lux Capital and a member of our Board. Becker’s interviewed him to get his thoughts on healthcare trends and the “hospital of the future”. NOTE: This is the second segment in Becker’s two-part interview with Dr. Dick Foster. In Part I of this interview, they covered the latest technology trends and challenges… Read More