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Strategies for Oncology Centers During COVID-19 Outbreak

This article originally appeared in Oncology Practice Management by Jamie Bachman, Executive Director for Oncology Services, UCHealth, and Brian Shields, Manager of Performance Improvement, Oncology Service Line, UCHealth. COVID-19 is testing the medical community in unprecedented ways, and every specialty…

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Improving Operational Efficiency in Healthcare

The notion of improving operational efficiency is conspicuously absent from the healthcare debate — neither Obamacare nor the newly proposed GOP plan discusses the impact that a step-function improvement in efficiency could have on access to healthcare (through more capacity),…

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Moving Beyond Dashboards for Healthcare IT

I think we can safely add “travel agent” to the list of anachronisms that have gradually receded from our collective consciousness. Along with pay phones, and at some point in the future, brick-and-mortar retail stores. One needn’t look far to…

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