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Make AI Work for the Workforce: Empowering Staff and Systems to Thrive

AI-powered technology is a critical tool in a health system’s toolbox to help close the staffing gap. One-third of the nursing workforce is expected to retire within the next 10-15 years, and this long-term challenge cannot be solved with recruitment and training alone. By utilizing AI to optimize staff scheduling, smooth workloads, and eliminate administrative […]

AI-Powered Hospital Operations: Unlocking Scarce Capacity & Delivering Strong ROI

The foundational math of capacity management, matching supply with demand, is broken. Existing tools and processes need to be fundamentally revamped for health systems to overcome endemic shortages in staffing and capacity, to maximize use of their assets, improve staff satisfaction and create value for patients and themselves. The key is deploying proven and scalable […]

Drive ROI from Healthcare AI this December, at the Sixth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit  

To discover the latest applications of AI technology in optimizing health systems and hospital operations, join the Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit, co-hosted by LeanTaaS in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, on December 5-6.  As hospitals and health systems continue evolving to meet the ever changing landscape of operational challenges, including narrower cost margins and continued […]

Life at LeanTaaS: Spotlight on our Summer 2023 Interns

The inaugural class of LeanTaaS summer interns, who were based in our onsite offices and part of our Data Analyst teams, completed their programs in August. As they planned to return to their undergraduate studies and future goals, some members of the team shared their reflections on their time at LeanTaaS, lessons learned, and favorite […]

Using AI to Innovate Hospital Operations and Support the Healthcare Workforce

The use of AI and machine learning technologies is rapidly increasing in healthcare, with many leaders recognizing their potential as a key element in their innovation and growth strategies. Through the use of AI, innovation and digital strategy leaders are optimizing healthcare operations by reducing manual processes and digitizing workflows, thereby enabling their organizations to […]

One mission, one team, many impacts: why we’re passionate about working for LeanTaaS

At LeanTaaS, our mission is to transform healthcare operations and increase access through AI and machine learning software. We are passionate about building industry-leading technology to improve operational efficiency, patient flow, and the provider and patient experience in, to date, almost 700 hospitals in 182 health systems across the US.  Our iQueue suite of AI-powered […]

How healthcare leaders collaborate and innovate with technology partners

In my time as a healthcare leader, and today as part of a technology team, I have been excited to notice partnerships between healthcare and tech organizations both increase in number and expand in scope. Health systems, more than ever, are learning to trust and rely on best-of-industry tools to amplify the expertise and best […]

Why healthcare is ready for generative AI – and generative AI is ready for healthcare

The past few years, wrought with challenges, have led to increased innovation and adaptation in healthcare technology. Health systems rapidly leveraged technology to meet safety standards during COVID, digitized care delivery where possible, and optimized capacity when increased constraints made efficiency critical to preserving financial solvency and patient access. In doing so they also developed […]