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Resilience in Action: Infusion Centers as Catalysts for Innovation featuring Duke Health

In the session “Resilience in Action: Infusion Centers as Catalysts for Innovation featuring Duke Health,” attendees will explore how infusion centers, following the challenges of the pandemic, can leverage resilience to address fundamental operational issues. The session emphasizes the necessity of confronting difficult problems, such as optimizing lab processes and decoupling clinic and infusion appointments. […]

Unlocking AI in Infusion Centers: Tackling Tech, Regulation, and Value

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform healthcare by unlocking insights from data that can improve efficiency, lower costs, and enhance patient outcomes. As AI techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision advance, they have the potential to revolutionize clinical care and hospital operations. Leading healthcare organizations are already leveraging AI to […]

Continuous Improvement at Hartford Healthcare’s Infusion Centers: Making the Data Work for You

Hartford Healthcare’s infusion centers have undergone a transformative journey, revolutionizing their operations through advanced preparation strategies and data analytics tools like iQueue. By optimizing chair utilization, strategically allocating nursing resources, managing patient acuity, and balancing nurse workloads, managers have significantly reduced bottlenecks and waste. Advance Preparation methodologies, supported by data-driven decision-making and iQueue for Infusion […]

Create Capacity with AI at December’s Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit 

This December, all infusion leaders are called to mark their calendars for a groundbreaking event— the Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit, taking place on December 6, 2023. Co-hosted with Becker’s Healthcare, this summit is the gateway to the latest innovations reshaping the landscape of infusion center operations.  Infusion centers are at the forefront of […]

Unlocking operational benefits in infusion centers: 3 creative approaches to linked appointments that increase scheduling flexibility

At some point, every infusion center leadership team has likely discussed the goal of separating the individual appointments within their center (primarily the lab draw, office visit, and infusion room appointments) to occur on different days. Different centers may use slightly different terminology to describe multiple appointments on the same day, calling them  “linked”, “coupled”, […]

Enloe Regional Cancer Center Decreased Average Chair Wait Times by 53%

Enloe Regional Cancer Care serves the Northern California community in partnership with the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is a National Cancer Institute-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. Enloe delivers the latest cancer treatment technologies to patients, while providing focused, compassionate care in a small community environment. Utilizing 28 infusion chairs, the center cares […]

Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute Increased Average Daily Completed Volume by 21%

Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (OCSRI) is a physician-owned group practice with more than 20 blood and cancer specialty physicians and 300 nurses and associates. OCSRI is a leader and patient-centric oncology institute providing renowned multidisciplinary care empowered by progressive clinical research. We are a team of specialists who provide personalized treatment, transparent counsel […]

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Slashed Patient Wait Times by 30%

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is one of 72 elite NCI-designated Cancer Centers in the entire country and the only adult center designation in Tennessee and one of 33 NCCN Member Institutions. VICC is dispersed between 11 cancer locations in the middle TN region consisting of 126 total infusion chairs and serviced by 180 physician providers with […]

SSM Health Increased Patient Volume by 18% Without Adding Infusion Chairs

SSM Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit health system serving the comprehensive health needs of communities across the Midwest through a robust and fully integrated health care delivery system. With care delivery sites in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, SSM Health includes 23 hospitals, more than 290 physician offices and other outpatient and virtual care services, […]