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Reimagining the inpatient command center through AI, automation, and change management

Inpatient areas, defined by constant unpredictable inflow and movement of patients, are ripe for technology innovation. The reality in many hospitals is leaders and frontline teams struggling with phone calls, spreadsheets, meetings, and other manual means to track ongoing patient progress and bed capacity throughout the day. Every non-clinical task inpatient stakeholders perform, including preparing […]

Reimagining Your Command Center Strategy: Uniting AI, Automation, and Change Management to Drive $10k Per Bed Annually in Increased Margins

Providing optimal access to care requires health systems to maximize the utilization of their resources across every hospital in their network. Unfortunately, fragmented and siloed operations exist across patient placement centers, staffing offices, and the individual hospitals within the network.  This leaves both system and local executives dealing with conflicting operational improvement strategies, disconnected system-level […]

From Chaos to Clarity: How UCHealth Utilizes AI and Workflow Automation to Streamline Inpatient Flow to Decrease Opportunity Days by 8%

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is rapidly transforming patient care and enabling hospitals to make more informed operational decisions. In this webinar, leaders from the major academic health system UCHealth explore how hospitals can leverage the data from electronic medical records (EMRs) and other IT systems to achieve operational digital transformation. By […]

Beyond Length of Stay: How Hospitals Are Transforming Capacity Management Strategies

Every day, inpatient leaders are challenged with a number of systemic issues related to patient flow. These cause long wait times for patients, unbalanced staffing across units, and inefficient throughput overall. When trying to alleviate these problems and practice better capacity management, health system strategies too often solely focus on minimizing length of stay. In […]

How Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System Used AI-Enabled Automation to Decrease Discharge Processing Time by 10%

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System (SMH) shines as one of the largest employers in Sarasota County, proudly earning the prestigious distinction of being a Top 100 Hospital with Magnet Designation. The organization’s remarkable growth is a testament to its unwavering commitment to exceptional healthcare.  As patient volumes continue to grow, SMH has successfully increased capacity […]

Relieving nurse burnout with AI technology: key areas to target

For nurses, patient care is at the forefront of their professions. Particularly in inpatient settings, caring for and engaging with patients during every step of their journey often drives nurses’ day-to-day work and motivates them to navigate roadblocks and challenges, such as overcoming discharge barriers or daily staffing shortages. While nurses have diverse strengths and […]

A Leading Florida Health System Reduced Average LOS by 13 Hours

This leading Florida health system is one of the largest employers in their county and has received an IBM Watson Health Top 100 Hospital recognition as well as a Top 100 Hospital with Magnet Designation. With over 45,000 inpatient admissions, this system was looking for a digital transformation to streamline discharge management and care team […]