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From Conflict to Collaboration: A Deep Dive into Data-Driven Decision-Making

Maximizing surgeon and staff productivity and efficient use of operating room time (and minimizing conflict) that arises around surgeon accessibility and efficient use of operating room time is an achievable goal when all stakeholders have the capability to easily access transparent and actionable data. Adopting technology with predictive and prescriptive data analytics drives meaningful conversations, […]

Optimizing OR Flow: How Data-Driven Insights Help Anesthesia Groups and Hospitals Work Smarter, Together

Join UCHealth’s Associate Chief Medical Officer Perioperative Services to gain insight on how data-driven insights optimized operating room scheduling and drive efficiency gains. By leveraging both technology and standardizing workflows, the UCHealth team continues to enhance coordination and efficiency between anesthesia groups and hospitals with impressive results. Three Learning objectives:

Optimizing the Surgical Workflow: Strategies for Improved Patient Access and Surgeon Satisfaction

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, perioperative leaders face numerous challenges, including increased patient volumes, complex scheduling, and limited resources.  To overcome these obstacles and provide exceptional patient care, it is crucial to quickly identify opportunities in order to streamline the surgical workflow.  The challenges of maximizing patient access, ensuring surgeon satisfaction, and achieving resource utilization […]

Transforming Perioperative Performance: Uniting AI, Automation, and Change Management

AI is not a trend; it’s a strategic enabler for transformation. To truly reimagine the hospital for the 21st century, health systems must marry AI with automated workflows, normalized data, and change management expertise to navigate through disruption towards results. Long term success also depends upon building a culture that supports ambitious innovation through a […]

Driving surgeon engagement through AI technology

Physicians who are highly engaged in the financial and operational performance of their healthcare organization, as well as their own clinical spheres, have proven to be critical stakeholders in transformation initiatives. Engaged physicians, inclined to collaborate proactively with colleagues across disciplines and skillsets, support stronger team performance and constant improvement in care delivery and efficiency […]

How AI technology can help solve OR staffing challenges

Health systems are seeing continued demand for elective surgical cases, especially as patients return for procedures that were delayed during the pandemic. Demand is also increasing as the population ages and expands, and as the shift towards value-based care takes root. As more procedures move to ambulatory settings, an opportunity arises for ORs to accommodate […]

“We saved 36,000 minutes of under-scheduled OR time”: How UCHealth improved surgical case length accuracy with iQueue for Operating Rooms

In their efforts to unlock valuable operating room capacity that would improve patient access to care and staff satisfaction, perioperative leaders from UCHealth developed and deployed the technology that became iQueue for Operating Room’s Case Length Finder tool. Use of the tool improved and promoted better case length accuracy in surgical scheduling, which contributes to […]

OR “flip rooms” are nothing to flip out about

Awarding surgeons a flip room, or a two-room, two-team setting where the surgeon can alternate rooms to perform cases – two rooms, two teams, and one surgeon, where only the surgeon moves room to room – is a common practice and often a driving force in recruiting and retaining in-demand surgeons and service lines. But […]

Children’s Nebraska Achieved 12% Overall Increase in Volume

The only full-service pediatric healthcare center in the state of Nebraska, the Omaha-based Children’s Nebraska has a mission to “improve the life of every child”, and those in their communities, through comprehensive care. Also serving patients in Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri, Children’s provides Nebraska’s only level II trauma center and level IV NICU […]