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Improve Inpatient Bed Capacity During the COVID Surge

Managing inpatient bed capacity is a complex problem even in normal times. Admissions and discharges suffer from mismatched timing and most discharges are delayed and occur later in the day when demand for beds is already high.  The result? A discharge process that is inherently inefficient and complex, and ultimately contributes to increased Length of Stays. iQueue for Inpatient Beds can:

  • Provide admissions, discharges, and end-of-day “balance” predictions by unit in 2-hour time windows, plus visibility into “hotspot” issues like COVID/non-COVID capacity, ICU availability, and telehealth resources.
  • Guide House Supervisors and Patient Placement teams into making the most impactful transfers to open up the right capacity at the right time.
  • Predict the total admission queue by source and calculate the number of patients who will likely need to be placed in the ICU.

“With iQueue for Inpatient Beds, our team is saving a lot of time during the day and can now do more value-added activities, The tool has also been instrumental in navigating COVID census and patient flow across our system.”

Jamie Nordhagen, MS RN NEA-BC

Director of Capacity Management and Patient Representatives

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