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Using Better Math to Cope with Extreme Staffing Challenges in Infusion Centers

Infusion centers across the country are desperately trying to determine how to maximize the nursing capacity that they do have, while being ready to cope with the unexpected.

Challenge Your Assumptions on How to Maximize Nurse Capacity

Hear how our VP of Client Services for Infusion and an expert in service operations, will combine her expertise in service operations with her experience of seeing inside nearly 500 infusion centers to share the mathematically and operationally “best” way to manage nursing capacity.

“We implemented this method in early January and our nurses actually love it! Our drug wait times have dropped 15 min and nurses are getting out early.”

— Lisa Rioux, RN, BSN, OCN, CRNI Nurse Manager, Novant Health

Resource optimization at UCHealth Cancer Center was failing, leaving nurses to work extended and overtime hours on a regular basis:

After iQueue:


Reduction in overtime hours

“Before, our nurses were burnt out. They rarely had time for breaks—let alone lunch—and were concerned about patient safety in the daily chaos. Now nurses not only get their well-deserved breaks, but feel more comfortable and confident.”
Executive Director, Oncology Services

Patient volume increases at Huntsman Cancer Institute meant peak time capacity was regularly exceeded, which negatively impacted wait times and nurse satisfaction.

After iQueue:


Days over capacity

“It gives us a really good indication for if we can take patients back early who arrive early, and for knowing where the day’s best opportunities are for handling add-ons. Our days run much smoother because we are really utilizing our time better.”
Oncology Nurse Manager

“We took two years of historical data and pumped that into the analytic engine as well as operating constraints, how many infusion chairs are available, the hours when the chairs are open and the staff that’s available and that’s translated into a level-loaded production schedule.”
Vice President, Cancer Services at Stanford Health Care

Stanford partnered with LeanTaaS to jointly develop iQueue for Infusion Centers and deployed it at one of its 60 chair centers to create optimized infusion scheduling templates. 

After iQueue:


Higher percentile points in Nursing Satisfaction

Additional Resources

The impact of AI-optimized infusion staffing

AI-based solutions for infusion centers are not hypothetical. LeanTaaS has created the market leader,
iQueue for Infusion Centers. Many of the leading cancer centers in the United States have deployed this product very successfully across 485+ infusion centers over the past few years. Feedback across the board has been a 50% reduction in overtime, 25% increase in nurse satisfaction, 30-50% lower patient wait times, a leveling of workload — across the day and across staff — and a decrease in staff turnover.

iQueue for Infusion Centers

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