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Drive ROI from Healthcare AI this December, at the Sixth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit  

To discover the latest applications of AI technology in optimizing health systems and hospital operations, join the Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit, co-hosted by LeanTaaS in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, on December 5-6.  As hospitals and health systems continue evolving to meet the ever changing landscape of operational challenges, including narrower cost margins and continued […]

Unlocking operational benefits in infusion centers: 3 creative approaches to linked appointments that increase scheduling flexibility

At some point, every infusion center leadership team has likely discussed the goal of separating the individual appointments within their center (primarily the lab draw, office visit, and infusion room appointments) to occur on different days. Different centers may use slightly different terminology to describe multiple appointments on the same day, calling them  “linked”, “coupled”, […]

What’s challenging cancer centers today? Deep insights from ACCC featuring The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Monument Health Cancer Care Institute

Last year, LeanTaaS joined with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) to explore nursing directors’ and other operational leaders’ perspectives on the current state of cancer programs and practice operations. The survey’s goal was to assess how AI and other technologies could best improve efficiencies for both patients and staff at infusion centers, given […]

Expect the unexpected: how to conquer variability in your outpatient infusion center

The last several years have challenged infusion centers in ways never imagined or anticipated. But a constant theme remains since LeanTaaS began working with these centers nearly a decade ago: how can infusion centers better plan for the unexpected to reduce stress and uncertainty?  Outpatient infusion centers are challenged with day-to-day uncertainty given the nature […]

How much room is left? Understanding infusion capacity by defining utilization

The capacity at any infusion center is limited by scarce resources such as chairs, nurses, and pharmacy. Once the center has built an optimized infusion scheduling template that accounts for each of these constraints, leadership often asks whether capacity is fully maximized or if there is still room to grow. The key to answering this […]

Matching anesthesia supply with surgical demand: 3 key challenges & 3 reasons analytics is the solution

Nationwide, the supply of certified practicing anesthesia providers is declining due to an aging and retiring workforce, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and challenges associated with practice economics, while surgical demand continues to rise. Hospitals need anesthesia coverage for both surgical services and other procedural units besides surgical ones, and practicing anesthesiologists often have responsibilities […]

What was the state of cancer center operations in 2022? 3 key findings from a new survey by LeanTaaS and ACCC

In mid-2022, capacity management expert LeanTaaS jointly conducted a survey with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) to capture data and insights from cancer center nursing directors and operational leaders from across the country, to better understand current challenges in cancer center operations and how AI-based technology can help.  Nearly 100 cancer center leaders […]

Proactive discharge planning for more efficient patient flow: reduce “avoidable” days through actionable data

As the physicians, nurses, staff, and patient caregivers involved know all too well, inpatient discharge planning is critical to minimizing length of stay (LOS) and supporting the patient care journey. The process, however, is complex. Staffing shortages, fluctuating inpatient capacity, and economic pressures have complicated it even further. Hospital personnel do their best in these […]

More than chair counts: using operational factors to maximize infusion center capacity

All infusion centers share the common goal of providing services to meet the needs of as many patients as possible. Before optimal patient scheduling can occur, however, an infusion center must first determine its maximum capacity. Determining an infusion center’s maximum capacity entails two key steps. First is the calculation of a center’s theoretical maximum […]