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Life at LeanTaaS: “A social event that makes us feel good for giving back”

A LeanTaaS employee shares the value of volunteering as a group, in an installment of this series spotlighting the members of our team, what makes them special, and the experiences that transform their work into more than just a job. In late summer of 2022, the Santa Clara-based members of the LeanTaaS Operations (Ops) team […]

National Nurses Week: In Conversation with LeanTaaS RNs

To celebrate and honor National Nurses Week, LeanTaaS RNs recently came together to share their experiences in the nursing field. Read on to learn more about their career journeys, perspectives, patient stories, and how their knowledge and passion of nursing has helped inform their work at LeanTaaS. Why did you decide to become a nurse? How […]

The future of work at LeanTaaS is flexibility-first: what that means, and why it matters

At LeanTaaS, we’re constantly striving to increase patient access to healthcare services by transforming the operational performance of health systems across the country. We have set out to overcome an incredibly challenging problem: matching the supply of some of the most expensive assets used by doctors and nurses — think hospital beds and operating rooms […]

The real reason to join startups: One month at a startup > One year at a big company

When people think of leaving big companies for startups, one of the biggest considerations they assess is financial risk. You’re likely going to take a pay cut, forgo some unvested stock at the current company, and take a leap of faith in the startup’s ability to succeed. That’s important, but in my experience what’s equally […]