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Create Capacity with AI at December’s Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit 

This December, all infusion leaders are called to mark their calendars for a groundbreaking event— the Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit, taking place on December 6, 2023. Co-hosted with Becker’s Healthcare, this summit is the gateway to the latest innovations reshaping the landscape of infusion center operations.  Infusion centers are at the forefront of […]

Drive ROI from Healthcare AI this December, at the Sixth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit  

To discover the latest applications of AI technology in optimizing health systems and hospital operations, join the Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit, co-hosted by LeanTaaS in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, on December 5-6.  As hospitals and health systems continue evolving to meet the ever changing landscape of operational challenges, including narrower cost margins and continued […]

How AI technology can help solve OR staffing challenges

Health systems are seeing continued demand for elective surgical cases, especially as patients return for procedures that were delayed during the pandemic. Demand is also increasing as the population ages and expands, and as the shift towards value-based care takes root. As more procedures move to ambulatory settings, an opportunity arises for ORs to accommodate […]

Relieving nurse burnout with AI technology: key areas to target

For nurses, patient care is at the forefront of their professions. Particularly in inpatient settings, caring for and engaging with patients during every step of their journey often drives nurses’ day-to-day work and motivates them to navigate roadblocks and challenges, such as overcoming discharge barriers or daily staffing shortages. While nurses have diverse strengths and […]

What’s challenging cancer centers today? Deep insights from ACCC featuring The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Monument Health Cancer Care Institute

Last year, LeanTaaS joined with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) to explore nursing directors’ and other operational leaders’ perspectives on the current state of cancer programs and practice operations. The survey’s goal was to assess how AI and other technologies could best improve efficiencies for both patients and staff at infusion centers, given […]

How healthcare leaders collaborate and innovate with technology partners

In my time as a healthcare leader, and today as part of a technology team, I have been excited to notice partnerships between healthcare and tech organizations both increase in number and expand in scope. Health systems, more than ever, are learning to trust and rely on best-of-industry tools to amplify the expertise and best […]

5 ways to use AI and automation to optimize hospital staffing

My inpatient flow teams and I have worked with hundreds of health systems and hospitals to improve their inpatient staffing and scheduling strategies. Many of these, as they tried to navigate understaffing challenges, began by using conventional processes and ineffective staffing technology. They had approached staffing the same way for many years, and were constantly […]

Supporting a new normal for hospital staff: how AI-powered automation can optimize valuable personnel and improve the provider experience 

Healthcare’s shortage of providers, nurses and staff is no longer an acute crisis, but an ongoing reality. It is critical for healthcare leadership to support and optimize the valuable staffing resources who remain. To do so now, organizations must invest in long-term, sustainable AI-based solutions to relieve staff’s most pressing day-to-day burdens and help improve […]