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From Experiment to Scaled Deployment: How Health Systems Can Leverage Tech and AI in Hospital Operations

This webinar navigates the journey of health systems in adopting and scaling technology and AI in hospital operations, featuring leaders from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Loma Linda University Health. Discussions revolve around the critical role of leaders in decision-making around technology adoption, operational challenges like capacity constraints and staffing shortages, and […]

The Path to Profitability: How AI-Powered Capacity and Staffing Optimization Solutions Can Increase EBITDA by 5 Percentage Points

Every day, financial burdens are forcing more and more hospitals to close their doors or merge with competitors. Turning around healthcare profit margins requires effective and optimized capacity and workforce management. When done right, optimizing your resources — including operating rooms, infusion chairs, inpatient areas, and staff — can increase EBITDA by 5 percentage points. […]

Accelerating Outcomes: How AI Helps Command Centers Achieve More

Healthcare systems have made tremendous strides in delivering quality care despite rising complexity and cost pressures. Their accomplishments speak to the skill and dedication leaders have invested in optimizing clinical and operational processes. Yet the most innovative recognize there are always new heights to reach. Guided by a commitment to continuous improvement and equipped with […]

How OHSU is Leveraging AI and Change Management to Alleviate Staffing Challenges in the OR

Staffing challenges in the operating room (OR) have presented significant hurdles for health systems across the nation.  Leaders and managers continue to face daunting challenges in matching the supply of OR staff to the unpredictable demands of surgery schedules.  The planning process, often reactive and time-consuming, lacks the proactive approach necessary for optimal outcomes and […]

From Silo to Symphony: Orchestrating Infusion Center Scheduling with a Multidisciplinary Team Model

This joint presentation by NewYork-Presbyterian’s Columbia University Irving Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center introduces an innovative paradigm in infusion management. Departing from traditional bifurcated leadership, the initiative pioneers a cohesive, multidisciplinary operations team that merges clinical and administrative expertise. This integration is particularly crucial for addressing complex infusion challenges, such as scheduling and […]

Resilience in Action: Infusion Centers as Catalysts for Innovation featuring Duke Health

In the session “Resilience in Action: Infusion Centers as Catalysts for Innovation featuring Duke Health,” attendees will explore how infusion centers, following the challenges of the pandemic, can leverage resilience to address fundamental operational issues. The session emphasizes the necessity of confronting difficult problems, such as optimizing lab processes and decoupling clinic and infusion appointments. […]

Make AI Work for the Workforce: Empowering Staff and Systems to Thrive

AI-powered technology is a critical tool in a health system’s toolbox to help close the staffing gap. One-third of the nursing workforce is expected to retire within the next 10-15 years, and this long-term challenge cannot be solved with recruitment and training alone. By utilizing AI to optimize staff scheduling, smooth workloads, and eliminate administrative […]

From Conflict to Collaboration: A Deep Dive into Data-Driven Decision-Making

Maximizing surgeon and staff productivity and efficient use of operating room time (and minimizing conflict) that arises around surgeon accessibility and efficient use of operating room time is an achievable goal when all stakeholders have the capability to easily access transparent and actionable data. Adopting technology with predictive and prescriptive data analytics drives meaningful conversations, […]

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