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Optimizing Surgical Success: Shannon Medical Center Streamlines Case Volume Management and Harnessing Data Insights to Achieve 13% Increase in Block Utilization


Rebecca Hartley Headshot
Rebecca Hartley, DNP, RN, CPAN, NEA-BC
Assistant Vice President of Surgery Shannon Medical Center


A 612 bed hospital in West Texas, Shannon Medical Center serves a 25-county rural region and performs around 11,000 surgeries per year in its main downtown facility, plus additional cases in its ambulatory surgery centers. 

Despite a number of surgeons operating outside of designated block time and cases scheduled after primetime hours, Shannon Medical Center’s Main operating room performed efficiently. Challenges arose, however, when attempting to establish a correlation between scheduling patterns and operational performance due to a lack of surgeon engagement with data. Leadership recognized the need to adopt a solution capable of communicating a single “source of truth” data to physicians and create access to the OR during business hours in order to strengthen operational performance as case volume grew.  

In this presentation, a Shannon Medical Center leader describes how the organization deployed LeanTaaS’ AI-driven optimization solution, iQueue for Operating Rooms, to provide actionable, transparent data to surgeons and unify OR stakeholders on common goals. The iQueue team assisted the Shannon Medical Center team throughout implementation, providing support and education on the best ways to utilize the tool and surface the information needed to drive higher performance. With this collaboration, Shannon Medical Center used iQueue to increase performance outcomes and improve efficiency with impressive results. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Understand how to incorporate operational data to drive process improvement and change management goals
  • Recognize where your hospital is in its stages of governance and how to take the next step to establishing an effective governance structure.
  • Identify the relationship between block time release and prime time utilization


10% reduction in turnover time
13% increase in block utilization
19% increase in FCOTS
We're doing data-driven decision making, and that's helped us increase our utilization…Our volume is rising...We're talking about adding another ambulatory surgery center in the next couple years...So we're using this data [from iQueue for Operating Rooms] to help define our future as well.
Rebecca Hartley DNP, RN, CPAN, NEA-BC
Assistant Vice President of Surgery, Shannon Medical Center

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