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iQueue for Infusion Centers Case Study – OHSU

Oregon Health and Sciences University’s Knight Cancer Institute is one of 71 elite NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country and the only designation in Oregon. OHSU is a public research university in Oregon entirely dedicated to health sciences with a main campus, including two hospitals, in Portland, Oregon. OHSU has implemented iQueue for Infusion Centers across 6 sites and over 100 chairs-the 7th site will implement later this year.


  • Satisfying patient demands, especially during peak hours
  • High patient wait times leading to patient dissatisfaction
  • Ineffective chair utilization, not optimizing capacity of center
  • Nurses frustrated by short, rushed lunches while maintaining heavy workloads


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OHSU chose to deploy iQueue for Infusion Centers to help nurses and staff smooth daily infusion schedules and workflows, and to decrease wait times for patients. Using iQueue, OHSU reduced the occurrence of chairs running out, decreased drug wait times, and also closed on time more frequently, reducing overtime hours. OHSU also flattened their midday peak as seen in the main Tualatin location below, allowing nurses to take lunches more frequently than before.

At the Gresham campus in particular, schedulers were able to optimize future weekly schedules through schedule grooming, resulting in more balanced workloads. All CHO campuses, were able to accept a larger volume of patients within two years post-iQueue implementation.

Utilization Curve Before

Utilization Curve After


Decrease in percent of days over max capacity
Decrease in peak chair utilization
Decrease in running past scheduled close
Decrease in drug wait times

What Our Customers are Saying

iQueue helped the schedulers so much that the charge nurses thought the phones were broken!

Tyler Van Brunt, Assistant Nursing Director, OHSU

Assistant Nursing Director

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