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iQueue for Infusion Centers Case Study – Stanford Health Care


The Stanford Cancer Center is one of 71 elite NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the entire country. Stanford advances the understanding and treatment of cancer through a multidisciplinary, integrated and collaborative community of physicians and scientists. It performs over 65,000 infusions annually across 3 centers and is growing steadily. The Center was experiencing the following operational challenges:


  • Triangular usage profile that resulted in excess capacity in the mornings and evenings and peaks at mid-day
  • Long patient wait times during the middle of the day
  • High overtime costs
  • Resources not being used optimally


Stanford partnered with LeanTaaS to jointly develop iQueue for Infusion Centers and deployed it at one of its 60 chair centers to create optimized infusion scheduling templates.

iQueue for Infusion Centers uses data science and machine learning to create optimized scheduling templates in order to continuously maximize patient flow and chair usage.

Utilization Curve Before

Stanford before curve

Utilization Curve After

Stanford after curve


The following results were calculated by comparing the six month period post-iQueue launch to the analogous six months in the previous calendar year.

Lower Median Wait Times
Lower Emergency Call Back Overtime Pay
Lower Total Cost per Unit of Service
Higher Percentile Points in Nursing Satisfaction
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