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iQueue for Infusion Centers Case Study – TriHealth Cancer Institute


TriHealth Cancer Institute is one of six institutes providing specialized, patient-centered care in the unified TriHealth system, which has been named among the country’s Top 100 Most Integrated Health Networks.

In the past year, the institute experienced a very high growth rate in treatment volumes across its seven centers—including a 26% increase in volume at its busiest center, Kenwood—and was looking for a way to improve patient experience by minimizing wait times, balancing acuity levels with staff effort, and scheduling more accurately. They sought a data-driven approach to understand why days in their seven centers did not always go as expected and to anticipate bottlenecks in future days.


Center leaders initially deployed iQueue for Infusion Centers at its Kenwood center with 23 chairs to optimize their scheduling templates, provide daily management guidance about what to expect each day, understand why days did not go as planned, and most importantly help staff react to changing conditions through iQueue nurse allocation and schedule alert tools.

Despite having a small 8-chair waiting room and experiencing double-digit growth in patient volumes, the center achieved outstanding results at this pilot location as shown below—leading the institute to extend its use of iQueue for Infusion Centers to it’s other six centers, bringing the total number of chairs managed through the solution to 145.


The following results were calculated by comparing the six month period post-iQueue launch to the analogous six months in the previous calendar year.

DECREASE in Average Wait Times During Peak Hours
DECREASE in average Wait Times
INCREASE in Patient Volumes
0 Days
Scheduled to Go Over Capacity
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