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iQueue for Operating Rooms Case Study – Baptist Health System Robot Scheduling

Baptist Health is a nonprofit, mission-driven healthcare system in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area. The system includes 5 Magnet-designated hospitals with 74 operating rooms and 14 endoscopy suites.


Prior to working with the iQueue team, Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville’s Main OR allocated their 3 robots on a first come, first serve basis. Though there were block owners who had time in the robot rooms, they did not “own” the robotic time.

As a result, there was often significant back and forth and shuffling required to obtain robot time, both in block and open time.

The Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville team had previously tried to change how robotic time was allocated, but gaining consensus from surgeons and leadership proved challenging. Some surgeons had the perception that they owned their robotic time when they did not.


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The Baptist Health team partnered with the LeanTaaS team to develop a new proposal for allocating robot time. Using historical data and leading practice as a guide, they developed a new block schedule that assigned designated robotic block time to surgeons with significant robotic volume.

By leveraging settings in iQueue for Operating Rooms Exchange tool, the surgical services leadership team was able to ensure open robotic time was also available and easily requestable only by surgeons who had robotic cases ready to schedule.

The Baptist Health team and the LeanTaaS team met with key stakeholders to review the proposed new allocation and its benefits. They also developed updated policy guidelines for how robotic time would be assigned and managed.


As a result of having greater visibility into robot usage and implementing new policies in April of 2021, Baptist experienced a significant increase in robotic minutes per month:

Increase in robotic minutes compared to pre-COVID period, June 2019
Increase compared to baseline month of March 2021

Additionally, Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville heard overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new allocation. Surgeons felt it was the fairest way to allocate robotic time while also ensuring surgeons without robotic block time could access the robot.

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