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Thousands of healthcare and hospital leaders gathered for our first ever industry-wide event to discuss and share best practices in using data analytics to optimize operations. Here, find the results and insights discovered at the event, the outcomes already achieved in ORs, Infusion Centers and inpatient bed management, and the lessons leading health systems offer from their proven transformations in recent years. Join us in Transforming healthcare operations.








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How UCSF was able to cut down patient wait times by partnering with LeanTaaS

Speakers: Aubrey Wong, Administrative Director for Adult Infusion Services, University of California-San Francisco and Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO, LeanTaaS

Predictive analytics and online tools that have increased financial performance in the OR, as well as quality of patient care and surgeon satisfaction

Speakers: Brian S. Dawson, System VP of Perioperative Services, CommonSpirit Health and Sanjeev Agrawal, President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS

Teaming up with LeanTaaS to solve the problem of needing more OR time to serve the demand of surgeons and patients

Speakers: Wendy Webster, Director of Clinical Operations, Duke University Medical Center and Sanjeev Agrawal, President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS

Challenges of today’s healthcare industry and the need for adoption of modern optimization tools

Speakers: Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO of LeanTaaS & Sanjeev Agrawal, President and Chief Operating Officer of LeanTaaS