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Maximize healthcare capacity with AI and prescriptive analytics.

LeanTaaS is how hospitals and ambulatory service providers do more with less. Discover a new way to manage capacity for your healthcare organization through predictive analytics, generative AI, and machine learning.



More Cases/OR/Month



New Patients/Bed/Year



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Improvement in EBITDA

Ready to unlock your healthcare capacity?

Improving hospital capacity and operations makes the healthcare experience better for everyone – patients, providers, nurses, and the bottom line. It’s the rare win-win-win-win scenario. See the benefits of partnering with LeanTaaS.

Maximize capacity and ROI

Capture market share, increase profit, and absorb volume without requesting more capital or staff. Perform 30-50 more cases per OR per year, a mean increase of 6% in case volume, and earn an additional $20,000 per infusion chair and $10,000 per inpatient bed annually.

Optimize staff utilization

Manage scheduling, capacity, and staffing needs with real-time insights and forecasting tools to reduce cancellations, missed nurse lunches, and excessive overtime that lead to burnout, dissatisfaction, and resignation.

Streamline patient throughput

Proactively match patient demand with the available supply of resources to smooth patient flow, reduce care delays, improve bed turnover and resource utilization, and enhance the patient experience.

Unite AI and automation with change management

Partner with a dedicated engagement team via our “Transformation as a Service” offering that is responsible for implementing our technology, ensuring normalized data hygiene, automating and digitizing existing workflows, driving change management, establishing systemwide governance, and guaranteeing success.

Leverage generative AI to reduce burnout

Remove mundane, repetitive tasks from staff workflows with human-like conversations rooted in generative AI and automation. Support decision-making for patient flow, scheduling, command center, block management, staffing, and other capacity management use cases so staff can focus on patient care.

Harness data with low IT lift

Create a detailed fingerprint of your organization with artificial intelligence and machine learning, using only a small amount of EHR data to generate far more accurate predictive and prescriptive analytics. The iQueue solution suite is cloud-based so that end users can access data anytime, anywhere via a computer or mobile device.

Explore iQueue

Put down your pencil and paper. Close out Excel. Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based products are easy to use, eliminate operational bottlenecks, generate revenue, and increase access to care.

Improve OR access to grow market share

Free up capacity during prime time hours and establish a credible, surgeon-centric, and transparent system to improve open time and surgical block utilization.

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Awards and Recognition

We’re honored that distinguished media and professional organizations have recognized us as the leader in capacity management and optimization.

Bending the access and cost curves in healthcare

We wrote the book on hospital capacity management – literally. In Better Healthcare through Math, LeanTaaS CEO Mohan Giridharadas and President Sanjeev Agrawal share the secrets to bending the cost and access curves in healthcare. With the power of predictive analytics, lean principles, deep data science, and machine learning, Better Healthcare Through Math solves the problem of equipment sitting unused while patients wait months for appointments and staff still work overtime. With better data, leaders are able to do more with less and maximize hospital capacity. That’s a winning equation.

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