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iQueue for Operating Rooms

Operating rooms are the financial engines of a hospital, and it’s critical to get the most out of this valuable asset. Successful operating room capacity management requires predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Powered by AI and machine learning, iQueue for Operating Rooms is the industry-leading solution that provides real-time analytics and prescriptive recommendations, plus block and open time management tools, to help perioperative leaders optimize staff, equipment, and capital utilization.






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More Cases/OR/Month

Operating room capacity challenges

OR time is extremely valuable and maximizing OR utilization is really hard. To make the best decisions, perioperative leaders need direct access to real-time, transparent data, actionable metrics, and easy-to-use tools “on the fly.” Successful operating room capacity management requires predictive and prescriptive analytics.

iQueue for Operating Rooms is an AI/ML-based solution that provides real-time analytics and prescriptive recommendations, as well as block and open time management tools, to help perioperative leaders optimize staff, equipment, and capital utilization.

How iQueue for Operating Rooms helps​

Increase surgical volume

Give surgeons and their office schedulers the easy access they need to open time through an “OpenTable-like” OR block marketplace. iQueue also provides proactive release reminders and predictive nudges based on pattern recognition and actual availability, factoring in constraints, so that blocks that are unlikely to be filled can be booked in advance by others.

Smart Match strategically offers time to the best fit surgeon, taking into account hospital goals, practice patterns, case information, and more. 


Eliminate multiple back-and-forth phone calls between OR schedulers and surgeons’ offices, for both Employed and Non-Employed/ Community Physicians. iQueue’s case scheduling feature allows easy electronic scheduling of cases with accurate information via a streamlined source — no more faxes, emails, and excessive phone calls.

Case Length Accuracy and Forecast tools accurately predict complex and multi-panel case lengths so that clinics and OR schedulers can reserve the correct amount of time for each case, improving OR efficiency and reducing a scarcity mindset.


Achieve data transparency with a single, reliable source of truth and an easy to navigate method for accessing key perioperative metrics. Through the use of predictive analytics, a nurse manager or an anesthesia staff leader can see as far as four weeks out to better match resources with demand.

Utilize the benchmark tool to see how your key KPIs compare against others of the same facility type.


Say goodbye to conventional OR block scheduling that’s inefficient and inequitable. iQueue analyzes the historical use of allocated OR block time and uses this information to identify “collectable time” so meaningful OR block time can be released, repurposed, and reallocated.


Eliminate last-minute staffing change requests by using historical data and trends to forecast staffing needs, matching limited staff to patient demand. Daily assignment recommendations take into account the entire OR schedule and roster when matching staff to rooms.


The results



Case volume increase 



Prime time utilization increase



Staffed room utilization increase



Block utilization increase

It’s hard to argue with hard ROI and that’s what we got with LeanTaaS. The CFO asks you why you didn’t do it sooner.

Aaron Miri
MBA, FCHIME, FHIMSS, CHCIO, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer, Baptist Health

iQueue is a far more scientific way of managing OR capacity and creating access to OR time, accountability for block time, and transparency into operating metrics. OHSU deployed iQueue for Operating Rooms in October 2018. From start to finish, the process took less than eight weeks. On day one of the go-live, there were more than 100 transactions to request and release OR block time. In fact, we have unlocked more OR time within the first week of using iQueue than we had in an entire year.

Dio Sumagaysay
Vice President of Perioperative & Multi-Specialty Procedural Services, OHSU

Within one year of implementing iQueue, we were able to increase overall block utilization by 20% and prime time utilization by 4.8% and that’s with the 7% reduction in available rooms ... that indicates that we’re using our space a lot more efficiently.

Megan Eubanks
Senior Director of Business Operations of Perioperative and Procedural Services, The University of Kansas Health System

The tools streamlined surgeons’ and their offices’ abilities to find open time and how open time was advertised, and made it very easy for surgeons to proactively release any block time that might not be needed far enough in advance to where it can be efficiently filled by another surgeon. This has not only helped our existing surgeons eliminate their case backlogs, but also has provided ease of access to open time for surgeons who were looking to bring new or more cases to MultiCare.

Michael Myer
MD, MBA, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Physician Executive, MultiCare

We’ve increased our volume, we’ve increased our prime time utilization, we’ve increased our staffed room, we’ve increased our block utilization and we’ve generated +$40M in the first 18 months of [using] the tool.

Brian Dawson
MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM, System VP of Perioperative Services, CommonSpirit Health

We’ve seen great success using the iQueue product to enable our operations and process improvement teams to drive visibility and action across the health system.

Amy Cate Huveldt
Vice President of Performance Excellence, Baptist Health

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