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LeanTaaS Announces iQueue Autopilot, First Ever Generative AI Hospital Operations Solution

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The iQueue Autopilot Method

LeanTaaS’ unique combination of award-winning AI, the largest hospital operations dataset, and team of change management experts will deliver a best-of-breed generative AI solution that unlocks “air traffic control” for health systems.  The iQueue Autopilot prototype, tested by beta customers, will provide digital assistance that drives actions through three different methods including:

“Lean Forward”

The “Lean Forward” method of iQueue Autopilot allows decision makers to ask the solution for best practices and recommendations on capacity optimization management. As an example, nurses can ask iQueue Autopilot for up-to-the-minute staffing recommendations, hospital administrators can discuss case volume shifts, and perioperative leaders can chat with the solution about OR block and infusion center utilization best practices. Human-like conversations take place via desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

“Lean Back”

The “Lean Back” method of iQueue Autopilot proactively alerts decision makers throughout the day to potential issues, like scheduling and staffing roadblocks. After flagging, the solution provides the user with best approaches and tangible recommendations on how to approach and solve issues. Flags are sent through email, SMS, and third-party messages.

“Moment In Time” Problem Solving

This method provides real-time notifications to create awareness and action to a potential medical or operational issue. Decision makers can be notified of a risk in operating room, inpatient, and infusion areas if the solution detects deviations from standard processes and will provide mitigation recommendations before issues arise. This provides operational leaders, staff, and clinicians with the information needed to proactively flex other assets and resources to avoid any potential safety issues.

Why iQueue Autopilot?

This first-of-its-kind, generative AI solution for hospital operations will provide hospital leaders with human-like conversations and actionable insights to support decision-making for patient flow, scheduling, command center, block management, staffing, and other capacity management use cases across both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Remove mundane, repetitive tasks

Reduce staff burnout
and fatigue

Close the staffing
gap challenge

Set up an Executive Briefing

Learn more about iQueue Autopilot, and how generative AI can transform your hospital operations. LeanTaaS C-suite, data scientists and product managers will help you navigate this exciting technology opportunity for your organization.

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