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The iQueue product suite

iQueue is our award-winning, best-in-class SaaS product suite for healthcare capacity management. Our smart, cloud-based products are powered by sophisticated AI and machine learning to drive enhanced patient outcomes and improved operations – anytime, anywhere.

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Transformation is no longer a luxury

Historically, healthcare organizations have relied on manual and outdated workflows to schedule appointments and surgical procedures or manage patient flow.

The problem? These methods are time-consuming and often only react to problems, rather than proactively solving them. This leads to added stress for staff and providers, increased wait times and delays for patients, and poor experiences for all. Meanwhile, expensive assets like operating rooms sit idle during prime hours, and care delivery, as well as the related revenue, is reduced overall.

The Magic Equation

Our formula for transformation

We approach transformation with a simple equation. It all begins with AI and machine learning to squeeze the most from your assets. Next, AI and machine learning must be based on clean, reliable data otherwise predictive analytics will be inaccurate. If we stopped at predictions, then manual work would still be necessary every single day — so we add automation. Our solutions seamlessly fit into the workflows of hospital leaders, clinicians, and staff, removing manual and burdensome work. Finally, to ensure that users are comfortable using our solutions and getting the most out of them, our “Transformation as a Service” offering provides each customer with a dedicated team for the duration of our relationship. This team of world class experts includes process improvement consultants, clinical leaders, and data scientists who are laser-focused on helping customers drive change management, establish systemwide governance, and ensure ongoing success. 

When you add it all up, these three magic ingredients result in transformational outcomes, like adding 2-4 more cases/OR/month, and 6+ new patients/bed and $20k/infusion chair annually.

Best-in-class products, built for impact

Our iQueue products help hospitals, health systems, and infusion centers tackle their most urgent challenges, including staff shortages, rapidly rising patient demands, and poor utilization.

Improve OR access to grow market share

Free up capacity during prime time hours and establish a credible, surgeon-centric, and transparent system to improve open time and surgical block utilization.

iQueue is trusted by 180+ health systems to power



ORs at

100 health systems



Infusion chairs at

over 700 infusion centers



Inpatient beds at over

100 hospitals

The math behind the magic

When patients don’t wait weeks for a chemotherapy appointment and nurses don’t work overtime and surgeons don’t worry about block time, it can feel like magic. In reality, it’s math.

Matching supply with demand is an incredibly complex problem that requires sophisticated math to solve.

Healthcare, like airlines or package delivery companies, has a demand pattern that is very difficult to predict and a constrained set of specialized assets that is difficult to reposition. Therefore, accurately predicting patient demand with enough lead time to adequately match the supply, including staff, rooms, and equipment, is both extremely challenging and critical to achieve.

In addition, any encounter that a patient has with a health system involves a series of independent services such as a clinician visit, labwork, the actual procedure, and any inpatient stay that may be required.

Synchronizing a series of independent services involves an understanding of esoteric fields such as network optimization and directed acyclic graph theory; this is absent from a hospital’s typical construction of the patient itinerary across the set of clinical services that make up a patient encounter.

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