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AI-Enabled Nurse Coverage Optimization

Provide your staffing office and nursing leaders an all in one platform to proactively address coverage needs, optimize shift allocation across units, and balance patient assignments for improved care continuity and better workload distribution.

How OHSU Alleviated Staffing Challenges in the OR


Staffing in healthcare organizations is a complex and multifaceted challenge. Frontline leaders are tasked with juggling, balancing, and coordinating numerous aspects of staffing, resulting in significant pains and burdens. These pains are typically managed through manual processes, such as phone calls, spreadsheets, and extensive manual work. At any given time, organizations face skill mismatches, shortages, call-offs, ratio issues, and workload imbalances across different units and environments. These diverse issues happening simultaneously create the need for constant manual intervention by nursing teams.

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By transitioning from reactive manual processes to a proactive, strategic staffing model powered by predictive analytics and AI automation, healthcare organizations can finally solve the multifaceted inpatient staffing challenges their frontline leaders face daily. This data-driven approach enables:

Future Demand Forecasting

Forecast staffing needs weeks in advance based on predicted patient workload, accounting for factors like discharges, admissions, and workload fluctuations within shifts.

Staffing Insights and Optimization

Optimize staff alignment with anticipated workload by mining data sources such as EMR data for factors like off-service placements, desired ratios and 1:1 sitter needs, enabling higher volumes and staff reallocation.

Daily Staff Assignments

Streamline daily staff assignments through automated communication, equitable workload distribution, and considering continuity of care.


Equitable Staff Deployment

Leverage AI to optimize multi-regional staff assignments, automatically enforcing policies and union rules while considering employee preferences, skills, and location to inform fair floating and cancellation decisions.

Fully Integrated Solution

Eliminate silos and manual tracking by integrating with EHR, workforce management systems, and other data sources to inform optimal staffing levels.





less time spent coordinating with staff to fill gaps



days of usable capacity created with improved staff allocation



less time spent to determine the needs for the upcoming shift



reduction in patient moves within same level of care

Learn how LLUH transformed staffing

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