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Health First Eliminated 517 Avoidable Days/Month and Reduced Core Floating Staff Across the System by 44%
517 Avoidable days eliminated monthly
6 Hour reduction in length of stay per patient
200% Hour reduction of manual data collection and phone calls weekly
44% Reduction in core floating across the health system to different levels of care


Health First, one of Florida’s leading non-profit health systems, Central Florida’s only integrated delivery network, and the only Level II trauma center in their county, is a high-volume health system. Over 1,200 nurses across 4 campuses cover more than 900 beds with 50,000 annual discharges, while 56 operating rooms perform over 22,000 surgeries per year.


4-campus health system

1,200 nurses

900 beds

50,000 annual discharges

Enterprise-wide digital transformation
New levels of performance excellence


With its large footprint and high number of beds, Health First needed to ensure the patient flow process throughout the system was streamlined and that multi-functional teams could sync on the same up-to-date information. These teams, which traditionally operated independently, also needed to streamline collaboration to facilitate new levels of excellence and patient care across the health system.

A key part of addressing this was to convert manual processes to digital ones. With this goal, Health First partnered with LeanTaaS to leverage intelligent workflow automation and change the way they operate overall. 


Areas where LeanTaaS' iQueue for Inpatient Flow made an impact at Health First included: 

Discharge Management

Using the automated workflows and digital communication capabilities of iQueue for Inpatient Flow, the clinical care teams at Health First were able to streamline the discharge process in multiple ways. Predicted discharge barriers such as missing labs or post-acute care needs helped automatically prioritize patients for discharge, while the elimination of manual processes combined with increased transparency improved collaboration across care teams.

Nurse Staffing

Health First improved collaboration across their health system and improved their staffing practices with iQueue for Inpatient Flow through enterprise transparency, streamlined communication, and proactive planning. 

The transparency of real-time visibility to staffing needs, float history, and available resources across the system, combined with AI-driven insights into forecast patient demand, made it possible to ensure appropriate staffing across all units in advance. While real-time  communication between unit leaders and the staffing office enabled efficient staffing updates to all nurses.

Capacity Management

Using iQueue for Inpatient Flow’s real-time, AI-enabled situational awareness capabilities, Health First digitally empowered nurses, hospitalists, and various supporting services such as radiology and transport to proactively manage operational performance across the system. 

Multiple stakeholders relied on the real-time data and transparency to improve planning within their daily huddles. Nursing leaders proactively planned hospital-level throughput across cross-functional teams while unit leadership supported the coordination and execution of daily activities. At the same time, hospitalist teams set priorities and support services ensured adequate support was available for patients and clinicians across the organization.

As the healthcare environment continues to rapidly evolve, we must pivot to better meet the needs and expectations of those we serve as well as our own caregivers and healthcare providers. Data transparency and proactive data-driven decision making needs to be at the forefront of everything we do. LeanTaaS provides the advanced digital solutions and services that are an integral part of the everyday experience of those we serve.
Patti Canitano – Health First
Division Director Patient Throughput

Download the full iQueue for Inpatient Flow case study booklet

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