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Hospital Operations Virtual Summit

June 7-8, 2022 | 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM CT

Session Speakers

Alena Shelton

Director of Business Operations Perioperative & Interventional Services, Rush University Medical Center

Cody C. Stansel

Administrative Director, Nursing Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Jamie Nordhagen

Director of Capacity Management and Patient Representatives, UCHealth

Mohan Giridharadas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LeanTaaS

Sanjeev Agrawal

President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS

The Future of Perioperative Management Learning Track

During the 2 day virtual event, join health system executives, LeanTaaS leadership, and industry SMEs to discuss optimizing capacity management both now and in the future. Learn how health systems all across the US use AI and both predictive and prescriptive analytics tools to transform their processes and create significant, lasting improvements in their outcomes.

June 7th, 2022

10:30 AM CT | Plenary Session

Having enough ICU capacity and specific floor beds available, being able to continue to perform elective surgeries, and adjusting the staff and nursing roster dynamically to avoid burnout are issues that have never been more important. But why do health systems find it so hard to address these issues even during “normal” times let alone during a crisis?

The foundational math of capacity management, matching supply with demand, is broken. Existing tools and processes need to be fundamentally revamped for health systems to overcome waves of COVID-19 and similar shocks in the future, to maximize use of their assets, creating value for patients and themselves. The key is deploying proven and scalable AI-driven, intelligent, virtual, and distributed systems and creating a culture of innovation in the organization that embraces change. The results? 90% confidence in critical inpatient bed capacity management, 8% decrease in opportunity days (difference between Med/Surg LOS & CMS LOS), $500k more revenue per OR per year, less chaos, less burnout, and less provider alarm fatigue.

Learn how 120+ health systems across the country are making real-time capacity optimization decisions and understand how you can begin (or enhance) your digital transformation around capacity management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the current challenges of capacity management – underlying math to match supply with demand – for health systems to maximize the use of assets to create value for patients and themselves.
  • Understand how AI-driven, intelligent systems can optimize the matching of supply and demand – during both “crisis” and “normal” times, without the extensive capital and resources needed by a command center.
  • Describe how Health Systems are tapping into knowledge from IT platforms to improve census predictions and real-time decisions about patient placement, staffing, surges, diversion prevention, and operating room capacity.

Presented By:

Sanjeev Agrawal,
President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS

11:30 AM CT | Fireside Chat

Reducing workflow friction in healthcare has become a vital part of the delivery of value based care. Coordinated patient throughput is vital to efficient management of the hospital and quality care delivery. Inpatient bed capacity and elective surgical case backlogs took center stage during the pandemic, but for many who work in hospital operations, optimization of the patients journey through a health system has been a decades old challenge even during ‘normal times’.

Dr. McGill will discuss why the adoption of data and advanced analytics is imperative for health systems, how digital technologies are impacting the use of expensive healthcare assets such as operating rooms, nursing staff, and surgeons time, and the need to do so in a manner that reduces friction without placing additional burdens on the healthcare providers and workers.

Presented By:

Patrick McGill, MD
EVP, Chief Transformation Officer,
Community Health Network

Sanjeev Agrawal,
President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS

12:30 PM CT | Health System Impact Story

Operating rooms (ORs) across the country face the challenge of heavily blocked surgery schedules, stifling growth prospects for surgeons without block time and limiting flexibility for perioperative leaders to run efficient ORs. Open, unassigned OR time not only offers more opportunity for additional surgeons to access the OR, but also gives OR leaders a clear, direct view into which rooms will go unused and where resources could be repurposed.

Join Cone Health’s Executive Directors of Perioperative Services, Wayne McFatter and Sharon McCarter, as they outline the tools they rely on to create more open time across their system. They will discuss surgeon-led initiatives to alter block schedules based on dynamic data, and share their successes using cloud-based analytics to address resource challenges currently facing all OR leaders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the value of open OR time and explore methods to unlock more open OR time.
  • Identify data-driven tools used to manage resource challenges and balance surgical volume across a multi-hospital system.
  • Develop strategies to improve OR Utilization using prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Presented By:

Wayne McFatter
Executive Director of Perioperative Services,
Cone Health

Sharon McCarter
Executive Director of Perioperative Services,
Cone Health

2:30 PM CT | Fireside Chat

Adoption of AI and ML solutions accelerated rapidly in the last 2 years but there is still a long way to go before they become ubiquitous in the healthcare ecosystem. Dr. Flora will discuss why the time to leverage AI technologies to transform healthcare for better patient outcomes and operational efficiencies is now.

Presented By:

Douglas Flora, MD
Executive Medical Director, Oncology Services,
St. Elizabeth Healthcare

June 8th, 2022

10:30 AM CT | Plenary Session

AI alone is not a strategy – it’s a means to enable one. To achieve true transformation, health systems and hospitals must marry digital technology with organizational goals, powered by the right people and process. Long term success also depends on building a culture that supports innovation through a commitment to clinical excellence, workforce development, and process improvement. When this foundation is applied, AI-based analytic solutions can empower internal teams to drive visibility, action, and remarkable results across the entire system.

Join Aaron Miri and Amy Huveldt from Baptist Health to learn how they successfully scaled disruptive, AI-based technology across the enterprise. They will share a case study on innovation in the OR, including best practices and results, which include a 45% increase in robotic case minutes and 11.1% increase in Prime Time Utilization. This translates to increased revenue, decreased burnout, and improved patient care, all of which are helping them achieve their greatest organizational goal – the quadruple aim.

Presented By:

Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer,
Baptist Health

Amy Huveldt, PE, MBA, ASQ, CSSBB
Vice President of Performance Excellence,
Baptist Health

11:30 AM CT | Fireside Chat

AI is the new frontier in healthcare. To succeed in a data-filled world, healthcare leaders must embrace AI-based solutions rather than relying on manual processes or restricted by the mediocrity of current technologies. AI’s ability to wade through large data sets is leading to quicker discoveries, reduced clinical errors, and improved provider and patient experience. AI is not just something that is transformative for the clinical decision process, the power of AI for Hospital Operations is equally if not more compelling. Covid has shown us the importance of managing day to day decision making processes a lot better with more predictive and prescriptive analytics and workflow tool.

Join Dr. Eric Eskioğlu, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer and Co-Director of the Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence at Novant Health to understand how they are looking at the frontiers in healthcare and how they are building an ecosystem in helping transform key aspects of their system.

Presented By:

Eric Eskioglu, MD, FAANS, Neurosurgeon

Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer
Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, Novant Health

12:30 PM CT | Health System Impact Story

Academic Medical Centers, particularly in urban environments, struggle to balance the demand for operating room time between their main medical center and satellite locations. Join the University of Utah Health’s Joe Falk, Senior Business Operations Director, and Laura Russell, Manager of Business Operations, to learn how their collaborative incentive program motivated surgeons to release more time and operate more efficiently at two new ASC locations that opened with minimal engagement and surgeon interest.

After this session you will be able to:

– Assess new stakeholder opportunities for collaboration
– Think creatively about unique local, opportunities for operational efficiency for gains at a system-level
– Create a framework for program development, execution, and evaluation
– Successfully improve block utilization by 5% after just one month and prime time utilization by almost 10% after four months of implementation

Presented By:

Joe Falk,
Senior Business Operations Director,
University of Utah Health

Laura Russell
Manager of Business Operations,
University of Utah Health

1:30 PM CT | Operating Room Showcase

Join Amy Jo Steele, former manager of both the Operating room and Post Anesthsia care unit at Mount Nittany Medical Center as she speaks to how she’s utilized iQueue’s Case Scheduling to stream lining the facility’s OR scheduling process, greatly increasing scheduling efficiency and reducing back and forth emails, phone calls and faxes.

Presented By:

Amy Jo Steele
Former manager, OR & PACU
Mount Nittany Medical Center

Join UC Health’s Timothy Menditto as he discusses how he leverages iQueue for predicting “virtual capacity”of open time up to 21 days in advance. The result? Increased access to OR time and more time released.

Presented By:

Tim Menditto,
Business Operations Manager,

Hear from Donna Pederson, Perioperative business manager at MultiCare Health and learn how she has achieved data credibility and transparency across the organization. She’s leveraged iQueue to serve as the single source of truth for all key metrics and she can easily find the data she needs whether it be on the phone or computer.

Presented By:

Donna Pederson
Perioperative Business Manager,
Multicare Health

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