Perioperative Transformation as a Service through AI

Service combines over a hundred dedicated perioperative experts and data analysts with AI and workflow automation technologies to boost efficient care delivery.

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We power 85 health systems across 350 hospitals to transform surgical operations.

LeanTaaS Guarantees Outcomes through Perioperative Transformation as a Service

By uniting AI, automation, and change management led by perioperative experts, LeanTaaS guarantees eight key outcomes for enhancing efficient care delivery.

Surgical Volume 

Increased Market Competitiveness

End-to-End Electronic Case Scheduling

Maximizing Block Utilization & Improved Governance

Increased Utilization of Procedural Areas and Equipment


Standardization and Easy Access to Credible Metrics System-Wide

Benchmarking and Best Practice Sharing

The market leader in AI/ML software plus first-of-its-kind service

iQueue for Operating Rooms is an AI/ML-based solution that provides real-time analytics and prescriptive recommendations as well as block and open time management tools, to help perioperative leaders optimize staff, equipment, and capital utilization. It’s also one of the highest rated software products that KLAS has ever evaluated.

When iQueue is paired with our world leading experts in perioperative digital transformation, we take surgical optimization to levels previously unseen in the market. With better data, leaders are able to do more with less and maximize hospital capacity. That’s a winning equation.

“We are excited to utilize iQueue for our operating rooms because it gives us access to data that we previously did not have. iQueue enables us to have a better understanding of our true capacity and where we have opportunities to optimize our operating room utilization.”
Leslie Barrett, President and Chief Operating Officer, Novant Health Medical Park Hospital
“We’ve increased our volume, we’ve increased our prime time utilization, we’ve increased our staffed room, we’ve increased our block utilization and we’ve generated +$40 million dollars in the first 18 months of [using] the tool.”
Brian Dawson, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM, System VP of Perioperative Services, CommonSpirit Health
“LeanTaaS’ customer-service people go above and beyond. They respond to us immediately. Asking a question through the vendor's web support is very easy. LeanTaaS views themselves as a partner to the organization, and they act accordingly. They couldn't be more customer-service focused than they are.”
KLAS anonymous interview, Director
“I would highly recommend LeanTaaS’ system for an OR. I am very familiar with it, and I would say that the primary benefits are that it gives us a view into the utilization of our most valuable revenue-producing assets and makes recommendations on how to improve them. It is up to us to act on the recommendations but having insight from a surgeon in a way that we have never had before is a game changer for us and helps us improve our efficiency in a measurable way.”
KLAS anonymous interview, CEO
“We can clearly see the operational and financial impact of LeanTaaS’ system on our success. Within the first year, our actual ROI was multiple times higher than what I projected it to be. We get a lot more from iQueue for Operating Rooms than what was proposed to us. We have increased our OR utilization, release time, and revenue.”
KLAS anonymous interview, Business Manager
“A lot of projects we’ve implemented through the years claim there will be support, but there really wasn’t any. We’ve had so much support every step along the way with iQueue, and it’s what sets you all apart from other vendors.”
Project Coordinator, Perioperative Services, Women's Hospital
“A big shoutout to your support team — they’re so supportive, so helpful, so friendly, and have really helped lighten the load on the OR scheduling team as we try to onboard clinics onto case scheduling.”
Lead Perioperative Coordinator, Community Health System
“Your empathy and dedication to helping us meet our goals is what makes your service invaluable.”
Assistant Director of Business Operations, Academic Medical Center
“Always felt like this is a partnership — never felt like a vendor relationship. You guys care about this as much as we do.”
Assistant Director of Business Operations, Academic Medical Center
“iQueue is a far more scientific way of managing OR capacity and creating access to OR time, accountability for block time, and transparency into operating metrics. The changes to our core processes for release and request, block rightsizing, and transparency into the metrics is exactly what we needed. This is the future of OR capacity management.”
Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Perioperative Services & Multispecialty Procedure Units, OHSU

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