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Better Healthcare
Through Math

Bending the Access and Cost Curves in Healthcare

It wouldn’t be controversial to say that American healthcare is far from perfect. Despite extraordinary advances in technology and medicine that lead the world, the vast majority of hospitals manage key operational functions such as patient/case scheduling with little more than glorified calendars. It’s an inefficiency that creates a lose/lose/lose scenario.

Physicians, patients, facilities—none are happy with the status quo. Meanwhile other asset intensive industries with high variability in demand (transportation, airlines, retail) have solved these problems with scalable predictive and prescriptive tools.

Now, Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal, are sharing their data-driven methodology in Better Healthcare Through Math  to help reduce patient wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and ensure operational excellence.

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Better Healthcare Through Math:
Bending the Access and Cost Curves in Healthcare

Anyone who has ever had to seek medical attention for an injury, illness, or even just a simple check-up knows how frustrating and long the process can be just to get the care you need. It’s at best an inconvenience and at worst, long wait times can deepen the severity of a patient’s condition. It’s a symptom of our current healthcare system that plays out hundreds of thousands of times a day across the country. And it’s created a lose/lose/lose scenario for physicians, patients, and medical facilities. 

It’s a status quo that Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal set out to dismantle in, Better Healthcare Through Math. Beginning with a picture of the factors that have brought our healthcare system to this brink, they reveal how the issues of supply and demand, soaring costs, and millions more people entering the healthcare system each year tax the operational efficiency of an already strained industry. 

The book unveils the revolutionary math that Mohan and Sanjeev are certain will transform healthcare in America for the benefit of all. With the power of predictive analytics, deep data science, and machine learning, Better Healthcare Through Math solves the problem of equipment sitting unused while patients wait months for appointments; of empty operating rooms and over-extended hospital staff. With better data, hospitals are able to do more with less, and maximize their resources. 

Pairing advanced math with the Lean principles, healthcare leaders can understand how to act upon the new wealth of information at their disposal. Taken together, the insights and innovations put forward by Giridharadas and Agrawal have the potential to increase patient access, decrease patient wait times, and reduce healthcare delivery costs. That’s a win/win/win scenario. 

Meet the Authors

Showcasing their industry-leading approach, Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal reveal to audiences of CEOs, COOs, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics, enhanced data, and how to digitally transform core processes for improving efficiencies and streamlining operations for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

By using lean principles and advanced mathematics, Mohan Giridharadas and Sanjeev Agrawal have helped make a difference in millions of patients’ lives across over 100 health systems. The sophisticated methods their company has developed have shortened wait times and increased access for millions of cancer and surgery patients and enabled hospitals to provide better patient care.

Today, they are showing audiences across the country how to employ the methodologies that are changing the lives of patients everywhere. From lean principles to advanced analytics, you will discover what it will take to change healthcare operations meaningfully.

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