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Leading the healthcare AI revolution: a letter from the LeanTaaS CEO

  • Mohan Giridharadas
    Mohan Giridharadas

    Founder & CEO, LeanTaaS

When I was growing up in India, my family installed a landline in our home. The lead time between starting the process and installing the phone was four years. We were the fortunate ones, as many of our friends waited even longer. 

Due to this lengthy lead time, many households in India never installed landlines at all. Instead, as years passed and cell phone signals became available, people realized the convenience of adopting new technology rather than waiting for old technology to find them. Cell phone penetration is now much higher in India than landline penetration ever was. The latest technology development simply leapt over the previous one. 

This is strikingly similar to healthcare’s position in adopting AI technology today.

The moment for healthcare AI innovation is now.

After decades of lagging behind other industries, healthcare has recently experienced a surge in digitization, paving the way for us to join the forefront of the next technology advancement: generative AI.

AI’s potential role and shape in healthcare has been dominating our industry conversation, with good reason. It is the cusp of a monumental shift, in healthcare and outside it. 

We have accepted AI in every other area of our lives. Our GPS tells us how to get to our destination and our streaming platforms suggest the next series to watch. Large language models (LLMs) let us converse with our devices for insights and suggestions backed by big data. Soon we will accept the same and more in healthcare, which is uniquely positioned to weather this seismic change.

While other service industries must now navigate entrenched technology practices before they advance these new tools, healthcare is ready to skip a technology generation. Healthcare leaders already know how to prioritize safety, privacy, immediate results, and proven return on investment in their technology, which must offer truly supportive and useful workflows that preserve and enhance human expertise. In digitizing so rapidly, they have built the infrastructure needed to sustain new technologies with security. 

With these standards for success already in place, healthcare is prepared to swiftly seize the potential of AI and LLMs, discovering and deploying the best solutions as soon as they become available.  

We are the AI partner health systems need.

LeanTaaS’ health system customers are asking us to join them in seizing this technological opportunity to improve efficiency. They seek to help providers perform their true calling of caregiving, automate the tasks that burden staff, and serve and satisfy higher numbers of increasingly discerning patients. They have keenly recognized, in the aftermath of COVID, the need to close their staffing gaps and alleviate burnout, and they know that technology deployed correctly can transform their operations while supporting better care.

Since the founding of LeanTaaS in 2010, we have carefully and systematically built an advanced analytics platform with intelligent algorithms and sophisticated access controls to enable hundreds of hospitals to make intelligent decisions concerning the utilization of their scarce and expensive assets – operating rooms, infusion chairs, and inpatient beds. With millions of operational data points accumulated over the past decade, we are best positioned to harness the enormous power of generative AI and LLMs.

The health systems who have partnered with LeanTaaS and deployed our AI solutions to match asset supply with demand signals have already seen great operational success. Now they are envisioning with us a distributed, smart, and prescient clinical solution in their hospitals and across their networks to align and optimize their many interlinked operations together. 

As the healthcare industry as a whole is positioned to continue to adapt and innovate, our customers are looking to the next frontier. We are prepared to help them fulfill the potential that has now exploded. 

The first hospital operations solution powered by generative AI has arrived. 

We are now ready to fully realize generative analytics and AI’s transformative potential in healthcare, and bring the many functions of healthcare systems to operate efficiently as one whole. To this end, with direct knowledge and experience of our healthcare partners’ abilities and needs, we are introducing a generative AI healthcare solution from LeanTaaS, iQueue Autopilot.  

Designed as the “air traffic control”, a virtual and smart command center that accounts for all motion and interactions across the health system, iQueue Autopilot is a single, secure, and custom built platform that intelligently supports the management of patient flow and capacity optimization across the entire continuum of care. It is built to help healthcare users both in administration and on the ground take direct action for immediate results, supporting better staffing, scheduling, patient flow, and other vectors to unlock capacity in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

On any device, from boardroom screens to their smartphones, leaders, clinicians, and staff can ask iQueue Autopilot’s generative AI-powered chat assistant the specific question they need answered, then instantly see data that shows exactly why OR block utilization at the Level One Trauma center is trending low this quarter or why overtime at the busiest infusion center has increased. iQueue Autopilot will also let users know what they “should” care about without their needing to ask. In these “lean back” scenarios, the solution will simply provide users the insights and prescribed actions based on their personas and the predicted future. 

On the ground, in real time, and throughout the hospital, nurses and staff can receive email or texts from iQueue Autopilot flagging upcoming capacity roadblocks, foreseeing likely surges to different inpatient units or barriers to discharge. They can then consult iQueue Autopilot on optimal staffing and bed configurations or actions to remove the barrier. 

All can seek advice on urgent clinical or operational decisions, or be warned instantly of medical risks and threats to care access. All can rely on the generative AI that powers iQueue Autopilot to recommend the actions most likely to produce the most beneficial outcomes, and to supplement their expertise in making the right call. 

Given such accessible, immediate, and powerful support, hospital leaders will be able drive higher financial results and increase access to care, nurses, and providers can freely dedicate their time and highest attention to patients, and staff can operate productively day-to-day while avoiding burnout. This technology is not a pipe dream. In fact, our company was built for exactly this moment. 

Healthcare no longer needs to lag behind service industries. Our opportunity, in fact our mission, is to leap ahead existing technology and lead the charge into AI. We have initiated a collaboration with several of our leading customers, and look forward to your joining us as well. 

To learn more about iQueue Autopilot, now in beta, read on here. Join our industry virtual conference, Transform, to continue our conversations on AI in healthcare now in and in the future. 


Mohan Giridharadas
Founder and CEO, LeanTaaS

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