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Open your chairs and reduce your wait times: our virtual conference for infusion leaders

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Every infusion center leader wants to increase access, decrease patient wait time, and lower healthcare delivery costs. Given operational constraints, varying nurse schedules, and critical patients, it’s difficult to build a flawless schedule that fits the needs of everyone involved. 

LeanTaaS & Becker’s Healthcare have developed a schedule of infusion center focused sessions during our upcoming Hospital Operations Virtual Summit. On June 29-30, this free virtual conference will bring together leaders, health system executives, and other industry SMEs to discuss optimizing capacity management both now and in the future. 

The upcoming LeanTaaS & Becker’s: Transform – Hospital Operations Virtual Summit will deliver actionable insights to infusion center managers and healthcare leadership on the use of AI and predictive analytics to optimize schedules and improve ROI overall.  

These infusion center specific sessions will offer great insights to help improve capacity building:

  • Keynote Presentation: Perspectives on Optimizing Asset Utilization in Healthcare

Existing tools like EHRs are not enough to align valuable assets such as infusion chairs and nursing staff in the scheduling process. 

Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LeanTaaS, will discuss how machine learning and AI has made a difference in maximizing capacity at hundreds of healthcare facilities across the country. Presented June 29.

  • Infusion Capacity Management – Increase chair utilization & improve patient and nurse satisfaction

The fundamental problem of asset utilization is matching a volatile, unpredictable demand for services with a constrained supply. Infusion centers face these supply-demand challenges on a daily basis, and yesterday’s tools are not adequate to address them. 

Building out a schedule for infusion appointments is a coordinated effort that must consider various factors, from peak visit times to supply and capacity demands. Jamie Bachman, Chief Administrative Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine, shares how his organization realized a 27% growth in patient volume during COVID, decreased drug wait times by up to 32%, and a 13% decrease in days running past close. Presented June 29.

  • What’s New with iQueue for Infusion Centers

Learn more about common challenges infusion centers face and how iQueue for Infusion Centers is solving them. Hear about the impact across 300+ cancer centers that use iQueue to optimize their infusion scheduling, and what’s new in iQueue, as shared by a customer making these latest features work for them. 

Presented on June 30 by Shaan Parasnis, Director, Product Management, iQueue for Infusion Centers, LeanTaaS, Stephanie Lin, Product Manager, LeanTaaS, and Lucy Duan, Product Manager, LeanTaaS. 

  • Other Capacity Building Learning Opportunities

Infusion Center leaders can also learn from their peers and LeanTaaS leaders in sessions spanning this two-day virtual event, including a Fireside Chat with Sanjeev Agrawal, President and Chief Operating Officer, LeanTaaS; Christopher T. Spina, Senior Vice President, Mount Sinai; and Betty Jo Rocchio, Senior Vice President & CNO, Mercy. 

For a complete schedule of speakers, view the agenda here

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