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Recognizing National Doctor’s Day: Three LeanTaaS team members share stories of gratitude

National Doctor’s Day is March 30th, 2024. This is a day to recognize doctors’ skill and dedication, especially throughout the challenging past few years. 

At LeanTaaS, we celebrate and appreciate all the doctors in our lives. This includes those who’ve made a difference to us and our loved ones personally, as well as the customers we partner with to support their high-quality caregiving throughout hospitals, cancer centers, and ORs.

Three LeanTaaS team members shared their experiences with doctors who’ve made an impact on them and their families.  

Connor Deason, Manager, Customer Success, iQueue for Infusion Centers

“My wife and I have been fortunate to have minimal interactions with the medical field throughout our life together – until last year, when we discovered we were expecting our first child. The first six months of the pregnancy went smoothly, but the third trimester was fraught with complications. We had to visit the hospital often and had regular doctor’s appointments, where we were always prepared for the possibility of delivering the baby very early.

This was so stressful, but the experience we had with my wife’s primary OB/GYN was absolutely amazing. That was also true for every doctor we encountered in that practice and in the hospital where we spent a lot of time (which happens to be a LeanTaaS customer). The way those doctors cared for her, the way they cared for our son, the way that they cared for me even though I was more of an observer, was so comfortable for both of us during a scary and nerve-wracking time.” 

Luyi Zhang, Principal Product Manager, Infusion Data Platform

“Last year in February, my father’s health took a perilous turn. Initially, he underwent a normal bladder cancer surgery, slated for just a three-day inpatient stay. His recovery seemed smooth despite a physical setback, prompting his timely discharge.

However, just a few hours after leaving the hospital, he was rushed back to the ER due to severe abdominal pain. It transpired that he had suffered a colon rupture near the surgery site, leading to a dangerous infection and subsequent septic shock. An emergency colostomy surgery became imperative to remove the infected portion.

Subsequently, my father fell into a coma, remaining unconscious for nearly twelve days, with multiple organ failures compounding the dire situation. A myriad of medical professionals, ranging from ER staff to ICU doctors to elite specialists, were involved, meticulously overseeing his care. The compassionate care extended to us by the dedicated nursing staff was also invaluable.

After spending over three weeks in the ICU and several subsequent months in regular inpatient care, my father was finally discharged after a grueling five-month ordeal. We returned to our hometown, from the major city where my father had been hospitalized. However, he faced significant mobility challenges, only beginning to regain strength and start walking three or four months ago.

Throughout this tumultuous journey, our communication with the medical team remained steadfast, despite us being hundreds of miles apart. Their guidance and support, even after his discharge, were instrumental in navigating his ongoing care, and we are deeply grateful for the comprehensive care and support we received.

My aunt, a fellow doctor, provided invaluable insights and support as well, engaging with us daily to discuss my father’s condition during his critical times. This entire experience has afforded me a profound appreciation for the pivotal role of healthcare providers and the depth of their dedication.”

Cassie Khanna, Content Strategist

“When I was nine, after a long process involving many doctors, I was diagnosed with a type of cancer that has a high survival rate but can be tricky to treat. By that point it was a relief to just know what was actually wrong, and my oncologist Dr. M. probably had a lot to do with that feeling. 

Dr. M explained everything to me at a level I could understand. She was always calm and direct, and she never talked down to me. From the diagnosis, through the different phases of treatment, radiation and chemo plus a couple small surgeries, she discussed with me at every step what would happen in the procedure and why. She even made treatment interesting to me because I could understand the science behind it. 

My very last appointment with Dr. M was my freshman year of high school, when she gave me the go-ahead to join the rowing team in the spring. At the end of the check-up she shook my hand and wished me good luck, because I was officially cancer free and wouldn’t have to see her again. She’d always treated me like a mature person who deserved her respect, but right then I really felt like I’d grown up. I’ve always remembered and appreciated that.” 

LeanTaaS supports doctors’ work through our AI-powered iQueue hospital operations solutions, which automate repetitive tasks to reduce burnout and ensure provider and patient access to the right resources at the right time. Explore stories from our physicians and their colleagues here

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