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The future of work at LeanTaaS is flexibility-first: what that means, and why it matters

At LeanTaaS, we’re constantly striving to increase patient access to healthcare services by transforming the operational performance of health systems across the country. We have set out to overcome an incredibly challenging problem: matching the supply of some of the most expensive assets used by doctors and nurses — think hospital beds and operating rooms and infusion chairs — with ever-changing patient demand for them. This becomes even more complicated due to the structure of the healthcare industry in the US, and the less-than-adequate technology infrastructure in place.

At the heart of achieving our mission is our dedicated and talented workforce who make this possible across a wide range of product managers, engineers, data scientists, customer implementation teams, and more. That’s because solving these problems requires uniting some of the best and brightest minds in healthcare, technology, mathematics, and operations together, and we’re committed to providing a working environment that supports their success. 

Our workplaces were radically disrupted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our executive team has spent the past year and a half learning from this experience and navigating how to best support our team’s wellbeing. What we heard is that across the board, our teams have felt more productive while enjoying this new flexibility. 

That’s why we’re excited to share that LeanTaaS is transitioning to a flexibility-first model. This means the majority of our employees, with the exception of those whose functions are onsite, are empowered to decide where they would like to work—a big difference from companies that are simply introducing variations on a hybrid approach. Under this new model, our employees can expect:

  • Total flexibility and fairness. Employees can choose the schedule and location that works best for them. Options include remaining entirely remote, returning to a physical office setting at either of our locations (Santa Clara, CA and Charlotte, NC), or some combination of both for those who would like it.
  • A long-term promise. While many companies have shifted back and forth between introducing a hybrid model and requiring employees to return to a physical space, the flexibility-first approach that LeanTaaS has adopted is a permanent part of our company and a guarantee for those determining where to live and work.
  • Continued listening and learning. The biggest influence in our decision to introduce a flexibility-first model was the overwhelming response we received from employees who shared that they became more productive during the pandemic’s forced remote environment and want to maintain that flexibility. We will continue to listen to feedback from our employees — making changes big and small — to support their overall wellbeing.

Our shift to a flexibility-first model is a big step compared to others, and runs opposite to some of the most established technology companies. But we know this is necessary to create the best possible working environment for our employees, whose daily work has widespread impact on healthcare throughout the country: increasing patient access to care, decreasing their wait times, relieving pressure on healthcare workers, and reducing the total cost of healthcare delivery. 

It’s also personally exciting for me, because our team has responded remarkably well through all the pandemic’s ups-and-downs, and proven that a flexibility-first model not only works—but can be superior for employee wellbeing, productivity, and long-term success. 

We’re also rapidly growing our award-winning team. If you’re interested in a flexibility-first environment, are passionate about our mission, and want to join a team using predictive analytics to improve the healthcare system, we would love to hear from you. Our team is expanding and seeking to fill roles across customer implementation and success, product design, software engineering, marketing, and sales. For more information and a full list of our open positions, please visit: https://leantaas.com/about/careers/.

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