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Healthcare analytics must go beyond “admiring the problem”

The world of healthcare analytics — in fact, all analytics — is not monolithic. It ranges from solutions that admire problems to those that prescribe actions to create value.  The further hospitals and health systems move to the right of this spectrum (i.e. using analytics that create valuable prescriptions rather than just describing them), the more they will experience […]

The future of work at LeanTaaS is flexibility-first: what that means, and why it matters

At LeanTaaS, we’re constantly striving to increase patient access to healthcare services by transforming the operational performance of health systems across the country. We have set out to overcome an incredibly challenging problem: matching the supply of some of the most expensive assets used by doctors and nurses — think hospital beds and operating rooms […]

7 ways to reduce Length of Stay (LOS) in hospitals

Originally published in Becker’s Hospital Review, September 2021. To reduce hospital length of stay (LOS) became a critical priority during COVID-19, and continues to be one as surges continue. Even in “peacetime”, however, capitated reimbursement levels and the need to decrease hospital-acquired conditions made LOS reduction key for health systems. While efforts to reduce hospital length […]

Why your EHR is just not enough

The original version article was published on Physician’s Practice. Health system and hospital leaders are increasingly looking to deploy sophisticated techniques to improve operational efficiency and mine the enormous amount of clinical, operational, and financial data that already exists within their electronic health records (EHR). This begs the natural question—if the data mostly exists in the […]

Optimizing a service process by finding its “heartbeat”

Virtually every health system has launched various process excellence initiatives over the years. The exact methods range from a series of Kaizen events, Value Stream Mapping, or a top-down Six Sigma or Lean Initiative. The transformation efforts could have been guided by internal process excellence teams or external consultants. These initiatives often succeed in demonstrating […]

Filling the gaps in infusion nurse scheduling

Operational leaders within the Oncology service line are fully aware of exactly how difficult it is to balance the multiple tradeoffs that must be made in order to schedule infusion services efficiently. Patients would like to have a consistent schedule for each week of their 8-week infusion regimen; nurses would like a predictable schedule to eat […]

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