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AI-driven Staff Planning & Assignment Optimization

Provide your perioperative and nurse leaders with an all-in-one platform for daily staff planning and proactive resource allocation.

How OHSU Alleviated Staffing Challenges in the OR


Improving hospital capacity and operations makes the healthcare experience better for everyone—patients, providers, nurses, and the bottom line. It’s the rare win-win-win-win scenario. See the benefits of partnering with LeanTaaS.

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By transitioning from a reactive to a strategic staffing model, organizations can unlock significant value across their entire operation — driving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing staff satisfaction.

Future Demand Forecasting

Forecast hourly staffing needs weeks in advance with an AI-driven model that predicts future demand and automatically calculates staffing needs based on staff availability and specialization.

Anesthesia Staff Insights

Leverage data to optimize anesthesia resources for effective resource allocation planning, reducing costs for anesthesia services by maximizing productivity. 

Daily Staff Assignments

Streamline daily OR assignments with deep insights into staff case history to validate staffing decisions, optimize room assignments, proactively develop staff, and communicate assignments automatically.

Manage Staff Experience & Development

Help staff quickly reach cross-training or orientation goals with access to their full case history at the point of assignment, and with support for educators to provide recommendations.

Fully Integrated Solution

Access all necessary information from your existing EHR, workforce management system, and other piecemeal tools and data in one solution to streamline staffing workflows.


Fewer delayed or canceled cases

25 hours saved/week on  staffing processes

Less overtime and staff burnout

Admin time repurposed for staff support and patient care

Increased cross-trained staff

Learn how LLUH transformed staffing

We prioritize employee flexibility and well-being, which is why we have a flexibility-first model. We have a culture that empowers employees who work remotely across the US and offices in Charlotte, NC and Santa Clara, CA for employees who prefer to work from an office.

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