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How OHSU is Leveraging AI and Change Management to Alleviate Staffing Challenges in the OR


OR Case Study_Dio Sumagaysay_OHSU
Dio Sumagaysay, RN, MS
Vice President, Perioperative & Multi-specialty Procedural Services, OHSU
OR Case Study_Stacey Leadbeater_LeanTaaS
Stacey Leadbeater
Senior Product Manager, LeanTaaS


Staffing challenges in the operating room (OR) have presented significant hurdles for health systems across the nation.  Leaders and managers continue to face daunting challenges in matching the supply of OR staff to the unpredictable demands of surgery schedules.  The planning process, often reactive and time-consuming, lacks the proactive approach necessary for optimal outcomes and poor planning can have profound implications for patient care and the efficiency of healthcare delivery. 

Join us to see how OHSU leverages strategic staffing insights and automated workflows to optimize staff planning and transform OR staffing practices. Discover actionable strategies to enhance efficiency, improve resource allocation, and empower nurse leaders to navigate the future of OR staffing with confidence and foresight.

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