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LeanTaaS iQueue for Infusion Centers Gains Momentum in 2017

Doubles Infusion Chairs Under Management, Reduces Wait Times for Over 1 Million Patient Visits

  • Customer base includes 21 NCI and 11 NCCN centers
  • 85 U.S. cancer centers use iQueue for Infusion Centers to maximize chair utilization
  • More than 1 million patient visits saw wait times reduced by 30-50 percent

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Dec. 19, 2017 — LeanTaaS, Inc., a Silicon Valley software innovator that increases patient access and transforms operational performance for healthcare providers, today announced that iQueue for Infusion Centers now manages over 2,100 infusion chairs across more than 85 infusion centers at leading cancer hospitals in the nation, including seven of the top 10 cancer hospitals as ranked by “U.S. News & World Report.” The company’s customers now include 21 National Cancer Institute-designated centers and 11 National Cancer Center Network-recognized providers.

iQueue combines lean principles and predictive analytics to optimize use of infusion chairs at infusion treatment centers. Launched in 2014, iQueue for Infusion Centers has seen significant demand and shown high ROI at some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations. Adopters have seen notable improvements in operational performance, including 30 percent shorter wait times for patients, over 20 percent increased patient volume from level-loading chair capacity, improved staff satisfaction and a remarkable reduction in the number of occasions when a waitlist for chairs has to be created.

Institutions using iQueue collectively manage over 2,100 infusion chairs, which represent a capacity improvement that reduced the wait times by as much as 55 percent for 1 million patients. This significant increase in access to care for cancer patients would not have been possible without the advanced data science and level-loading capabilities delivered by iQueue.

“2017 marked a year of incredible growth for both LeanTaaS and healthcare operations as a whole,” said Mohan Giridharadas, CEO of LeanTaaS. “Today’s hospitals and cancer treatment centers are looking to treat more patients with fewer resources. Our products have repeatedly proven themselves with the biggest names in cancer care. We look forward to another groundbreaking year of helping more infusion centers solve the very real and difficult problem of underutilization of resources in our healthcare system.”

The demand for healthcare services is on the rise; in addition to secular trends like aging, provisions of the Affordable Care Act are leading to higher volumes of patients in hospitals. At the same time, hospitals are also facing cost and margin pressures that require them to do more with less. This is even more pronounced for cancer care where the World Health Organization predicts that new cancer instances are expected to rise by about 70 percent over the next two decades. Mathematical optimization techniques are necessary for managing the rising demand for healthcare. Advanced mathematics and data science can help infusion centers schedule more efficiently so their chairs are level-loaded across the day and accommodate 20-30 percent more patients. Such level-loading of appointments also leads to shorter patient wait times and thus improves the patient experience.

“It is so exciting to see the profound impact iQueue for Infusion Centers is having on the operations of these leading cancer centers. As a team, we are incredibly proud of this milestone and humbled to play our part in making a difference for infusion patients and staff,” said Sofia DeMarco, director, product management, oncology products, at LeanTaaS.

About iQueue for Infusion Centers

iQueue for Infusion Centers is a lightweight, cloud-based SaaS platform that helps flatten chair utilization throughout the day to increase patient access, decrease wait times, improve nurse satisfaction and reduce infusion delivery costs. The solution uses machine learning to continuously monitor operational performance, and predictive analytics suggest scheduling template adjustments to keep centers operating optimally. The HIPAA-compliant platform coexists with any EHR system, can be deployed in days, and integrates seamlessly with existing scheduling and operational workflows. For more information about iQueue for Infusion Centers, please visit leantaas.com/infusion_centers.

About LeanTaaS

LeanTaaS provides software solutions that combine lean principles, predictive analytics and machine learning to transform hospital and infusion center operations. More than 40 providers across the nation rely on the company’s iQueue cloud-based platform to increase patient access, decrease wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs and improve revenues. LeanTaaS is based in Santa Clara, California.  For more information about LeanTaaS, please visit www.leantaas.com and connect on Twitter/LeanTaaS, Facebook/LeanTaaS and LinkedIn/LeanTaaS.


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