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Removing Barriers: Innovative Transportation Solutions for Equitable Cancer Care

Access to cancer treatment can be a significant challenge for many patients, especially those facing transportation barriers. In this fireside panel, leaders from four healthcare organizations will share how they are tackling this critical issue head-on. Attendees will hear from: Through this diverse panel, participants will gain insights into the unique challenges different communities face, […]

100% Nurse Satisfaction with Balanced Patient Assignments: Lee Health’s Success with iQueue’s Patient Assignment

Facing staffing shortages that strained resources and limited care access, Lee Health implemented iQueue for Infusion Centers’ Patient Assignment solution. The results included a 10% reduction in workload imbalances, an 11% boost in staff productivity, and notably, 90% of nurses surveyed reported they can now effectively manage their patient loads. 60% say their workload is […]

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with iQueue’s Patient Assignment and Staffing Integration at UCSF Health

In this session, University of California, San Francisco Health (UCSF) will share their experience in leveraging iQueue’s innovative solutions to optimize patient flow and staff productivity. By adopting iQueue’s Patient Assignment tool, UCSF achieved a 9% improvement in workload balance since go-live, along with an 8% increase in staff productivity. Additionally, with the implementation of […]

Empowering Change through Data-Driven Metrics: Improving Nurse Satisfaction at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital Infusion Center at Vanderbilt

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt employed data-driven metrics to drive operational changes in their pediatric infusion center, addressing the unique challenges of level-loading schedules and patient distribution. Their early adoption of iQueue for Infusion Centers’ Patient Assignment tool led to a 100% increase in nurse satisfaction regarding equitable workloads and a 300% increase […]

Optimize Nurse Coverage: An Innovative Approach to Overcoming Staffing Challenges Leveraging AI and Automation to Enhance Collaboration and Outcomes

Ensuring optimal nurse coverage in acute care hospitals is an urgent challenge exacerbated by the nursing shortages that have profoundly impacted healthcare organizations resulting in higher nurse-to-patient ratios, increased reliance on premium pay strategies, and the need to close beds due to inadequate staffing, all of which impact patient care quality and staff satisfaction. The […]

KLAS Research Insight: Characteristics of a Strong Software and Services Partner for Inpatient Flow

Inefficient patient flow remains a constant challenge for healthcare providers, leading to bottlenecks, underutilized capacity, and suboptimal care experiences. LeanTaaS has pioneered an innovative AI-powered approach to optimize inpatient operations and streamline flow with iQueue for Inpatient Flow. The 2024 Emerging Insights Report by KLAS provides a powerful third-party validation of iQueue’s exceptional performance and […]

AI-Powered Solutions for Improving OR Efficiency & Optimizing Block Management

Perioperative leaders often grapple with the challenge of optimizing operating room (OR) time. The prevalent mindset among surgeons—that their designated block time is the sole method for accessing the OR—compounds this issue. Traditional block management processes tend to be manual, time-consuming, and retrospective, further hindering efficiency. Join us to learn how health systems like MultiCare […]

Automated Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency and Improved Access in the ORs

By using workflow automation, hospitals and health systems are finding new and innovative strategies for optimizing capacity, enhancing surgical volume and increasing access to more time for providers. Discover how Northwell Health has been able to integrate automation into surgical scheduling and block management practices across their North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish […]

Breaking Throughput Barriers: An AI-Powered Approach to Improved Efficiency

Healthcare organizations strive to enhance patient care while managing complexities and cost pressures. While leaders have optimized many processes, opportunities remain to drive further improvements. By implementing predictive analytics and AI solutions, forward-thinking providers are identifying new ways to boost operational performance. In this session, Sharon Barincle, Executive Director, Revenue Cycle of Springhill Medical Center, […]

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