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iQueue for Inpatient Flow Case Study - Hendrick Health

Hendrick Health System encompasses 850 beds across 3 hospitals, with 475 staff members managing nearly 37,000 annual discharges. To better handle this volume, they were in search of real-time insights that could create daily efficiencies, improve patient flow, and drive sustainable process improvements.


Limited visibility to discharge barriers and bottlenecks resulted in inefficient patient flow across the health system, and impacted their ability to care for more patients and create sustainable process improvements. Individual units managed daily discharges in a siloed and reactive manner, while unit-specific projects affected upstream and downstream patient flow, reducing capacity.

Manual communications delayed decision making and limited visibility into why or when decisions were made, delaying care progression. This problem persisted because leadership had no way to obtain quick updates on care progress, nor did they have the data necessary to identify key opportunity areas. The scattered data made it hard to sustain process improvements so strategic goals were not being met.


iQueue for Inpatient Flow provided visibility to daily discharge inefficiencies across the health system, helping their Throughput Committee create an action plan to improve patient flow. With this single source of truth and shared access to real-time data, Hendrick Health was able to standardize patient flow processes across units and create daily efficiencies. The communication platform built into iQueue enabled teams to escalate patient flow issues while providing leadership with a central location to review care plans and decision making. 

Not only were these improvements impactful, they were sustainable. Automated metric monitoring made it easy to identify new opportunity areas and individual units were given the tools they needed to consistently track patient flow performance.


Reduction in order to discharge time
Reduction in ED boarding time
Reduction in Left Without Being Seen

What Our Clients are Saying

LeanTaaS has provided us with the tools and strategies to create daily patient flow efficiencies, resulting in measurable and sustainable improvements. As a result, we have been able to streamline discharges and create capacity to care for more patients.

Jessica Connell – Hendrick Health


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