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Hospital-surgeon data transparency delivers surgeon satisfaction and hospital ROI

  • Drew Domagalski
    Drew Domagalski

    Senior Solutions Executive, iQueue for Operating Rooms

Hospitals across the country have been increasingly adopting technology to proactively optimize surgical capacity. By leveraging technologies to improve the accessibility, accountability and visibility of operating room time, hospitals that have implemented LeanTaaS’ iQueue for Operating Rooms have achieved impressive results including increased primetime utilization (6 percentage points, on average), increased block utilization, hospital-surgeon data transparency and growth of surgical market share. Yet despite these impressive recurring results, it can still be difficult for hospitals less keen on adopting new technologies to believe that such a return on investment (ROI) can come from the adoption of new technologies, alone. 

While we are confident in the conservative ROI projections that we provide our potential customers and are extremely proud of our ability to generate results that exceed expectations, we are also very excited, and humbled, to hear when our products have made an irrefutable impact on revenue. One such example comes from a hospital within a health system that adopted iQueue for Operating Rooms in 2019. The 36 hospital locations in aggregate have achieved an ROI in excess of $35 M+ in less than 18 months (more to come on that in a future blog). By using iQueue for Operating Rooms, the various members of the health system have access to near real-time operating room performance data, trends and predictions down to the surgeon level. The tools are not only used by OR Managers and Leaders but also by hospital and health system leaders, physician outreach/ market representatives, clinics, and surgeons themselves. 

In this instance, a health system market representative was reviewing surgeon volume trends (data she had not previously had access to) and noticed that a key orthopedic surgeon was releasing his block of operating room time despite a large backlog of cases. In speaking with the surgeon’s office, the representative learned that timing issues related to the hospital’s block approval and releases had led the surgeon to increasingly take cases to an unaffiliated surgery center. The representative was able to quickly work with the surgeon and operating room leaders to better accommodate the surgeon who immediately brought his 30 cases per month back to the hospital. 

Using the insights from iQueue for Operating Rooms, the representative was able to visit the surgeon well prepared knowing the surgeon’s volume, types of cases, days of the week cases were performed, and other key performance metrics. This is just one example of how the health system is using iQueue for Operating rooms to identify changes in business patterns, identify opportunities for growth by repurposing OR time, and have much more meaningful and productive conversations with care practitioners. 

Losing this surgeon volume alone would have translated into a loss of over $1 M in revenue for the hospital. By deploying the iQueue product suite, health systems aren’t just getting more valuable time in operating rooms, beds, and infusion centers. They’re getting actionable, personal insights that help save relationships and business and help advance the delivery of quality patient care with hospital-surgeon data transparency.

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