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iQueue for
Operating Rooms

iQueue uses predictive analytics, mobile technologies, and cloud-based tools to free up capacity in operating rooms and create a much more transparent and surgeon-centric process for measuring OR utilization.


Improve OR Access

Improve OR Access

Increase Surgeon OR Access with an OpenTable-like Marketplace.

Right-Size Blocks

Right-Size Blocks

Improve Accountability with Actionable, Surgeon-centric, and Transparent Utilization Metrics

Engage Surgeons

Engage Surgeons

Add Transparency to Better Understand the “Why” Behind OR Metrics

999 +
999 +
Operating Rooms
$ 999 K
Revenue increase per OR, per year

OR Block Allocation is Challenging

OR Managers know that allocating OR blocks in a way that meets surgeon needs while also balancing revenue and utilization targets is challenging. Getting the right data itself takes time and effort, and making block allocation changes that meet everyone’s objectives can take months.

Meet iQueue for Operating Rooms

iQueue for Operating Rooms leverages your EHR data, understands utilization patterns, and suggests block allocation changes based on hard facts. It uses sophisticated algorithms to figure out who to take away block time from and who to give it to, in a way that meets everyone’s objectives.

Increase access to OR time to accommodate growth

Continuously monitor abandoned and released blocks and let surgeons and schedulers request them on-demand via an OpenTable-like interface. This active marketplace for open time helps hospitals get more cases on the grid with just a few simple clicks to request or release time.

iQueue for Operating Rooms Request time

Improve accountability through actionable, surgeon-centric utilization metrics

Use machine learning to identify utilization patterns, and repurpose unused time in a way that is both surgeon-centric and transparent. Predictive algorithms ensure the most efficient utilization of precious OR time.

iQueue for Operating Rooms Collectable Table

Add transparency to better understand the “WHY” behind OR metrics

Improve surgeon engagement through credible performance metrics accessed via any mobile or desktop browser. Everyone looks at the same data and can have objective conversations around metrics.

Mobile Analyze

iQueue Works with Any EHR

and more

“iQueue is a far more scientific way of managing OR capacity and creating access to OR time, accountability for block time, and transparency into operating metrics. The changes to our core processes for release and request, block rightsizing, and transparency into the metrics is exactly what we needed. This is the future of OR capacity management.”

Dio Sumagaysay Associate Chief Nursing Officer
Perioperative Services & Multispecialty Procedure Units
Oregon Health & Science University

“Exchange has made the surgeons happy, and we’re getting patients in faster, so it has increased surgeon satisfaction, increased patient satisfaction, and has made the whole scheduling process outside of normal block time smoother. It has fixed so many problems and streamlined our systems so much.”

James Caldwell, M.D. Medical Director of Surgical Services
Parkview Medical Center

“It will allow for very immediate – almost ‘live’ – access to usage data related to my block time in the OR and will let me see if I am effective in using the allotted time.”

Jens Peter Witt, M.D. Associate Professor, Neurosurgery-Spine, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Neurosurgery, University of Colorado Hospital
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