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Learn how to maximize open OR time with AI at LeanTaaS’ Transform Virtual Summit

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Are you a healthcare leader looking to maximize open operating room (OR) time? Block your schedule for June 7-8, 2022, and get ready to transform your hospital and OR operational performance with AI at LeanTaaS’s third Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit

Hosted in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, the third Transform event will take place on June 7-8, 2022, and present a provocative focus on AI. The two-day program will connect over 1,800 attendees with health system executives, technology leaders, and industry experts to discuss how hospitals across the U.S. use AI and predictive and prescriptive analytics tools to solve critical challenges arising from case backlogs, provider burnout, staffing shortages, and increased patient wait times. 

On the first day, Tuesday June 7, OR leaders can engage with specialized breakout sessions featuring “Health System Impact Stories.” Spotlighting leaders from Cone Health and others, the impact story sessions will share actionable ways these hospitals are using AI solutions to better collect, release, and exchange open OR time. You’ll hear how to harness prescriptive analytics to create and maximize open OR time and how hospitals can solve case scheduling inefficiency.

On day two of the Virtual Summit, join OR leaders at the Operating Rooms Showcase. The sessions will feature speakers from Mount Nittany Medical Center, UCHealth, and MultiCare. Topics include:

  • How Mt. Nittany Optimized their OR Scheduling Workflow with Electronic Case Scheduling
  • How UCHealth Utilizes “Virtual Block Capacity” to Predict Unused Blocks and Increase Access to OR Time
  • How MultiCare Utilizes a Single Source of Truth for Their Data Analytics

These sessions and workshops will discuss the impact that LeanTaaS’s iQueue for Operating Rooms solution has on the speakers’ health systems. iQueue creates a credible, fair, and transparent system for managing block and open OR time while maximizing staff, equipment, and capital utilization. Hospitals using iQueue for Operating Rooms typically see $500K or more improvement in revenue per OR per year, and higher surgeon, patient, and staff satisfaction.

Attendees of the Transform Virtual Summit can also tune into the plenary session with LeanTaaS’ President and Chief Operating Officer, Sanjeev Agrawal. He’ll share how health systems can increase ROI through AI by unlocking scarce capacity. 

Participate in this free virtual event to maximize your hospital’s OR time. You can register online here.

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