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Why healthcare is ready for generative AI – and generative AI is ready for healthcare

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The past few years, wrought with challenges, have led to increased innovation and adaptation in healthcare technology. Health systems rapidly leveraged technology to meet safety standards during COVID, digitized care delivery where possible, and optimized capacity when increased constraints made efficiency critical to preserving financial solvency and patient access. In doing so they also developed the knowledge, experience, and infrastructures needed to continue adopting new solutions successfully. 

Many health system decision makers now know how to discern solutions that will support end users in their established processes and add immediate value to their organizations, as well as meet strict metrics of privacy and safety. Organizational leaders have established precedents for the change management strategies required to adopt this new technology, and IT teams have implemented needed cloud infrastructures and set high standards for data hygiene. These leaders are prepared to embrace the next technology advancement of utilizing and leveraging generative AI, and to reap the results of streamlined operations and improved patient and clinician outcomes. This begins with confirming how the technology fulfills the needs and supports the functions of its end users, the people who work throughout the health system.  

Generative AI can empower and activate healthcare staff to improve overall results

Generative AI is a real, working technology with tangible benefits that are directly applicable to healthcare operations. When properly deployed, it can draw on the wealth of existing healthcare data and give leaders, providers, and staff the insights and predictions they most need to supplement their skills and expertise. Through the use of large language models (LLMs), generative AI solutions can conduct human-like conversations with their users, giving immediate data-backed advice responses in helpful terms. 

A generative AI solution for hospital operations that is designed to plug into staff needs and create “air traffic control” across the health system is iQueue Autopilot from LeanTaaS. In practice, there are three key abilities generative AI technology like Autopilot can offer healthcare staff to enhance their decision-making and foster continuous improvement. 

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