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The Path to Profitability: How AI-Powered Capacity and Staffing Optimization Solutions Can Increase EBITDA by 5 Percentage Points


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Mohan Giridharadas
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LeanTaaS


Every day, financial burdens are forcing more and more hospitals to close their doors or merge with competitors. Turning around healthcare profit margins requires effective and optimized capacity and workforce management. When done right, optimizing your resources — including operating rooms, infusion chairs, inpatient areas, and staff — can increase EBITDA by 5 percentage points. In today’s healthcare landscape, this is the difference between survival and success.

Effective capacity and workforce management requires not just the best AI and automation, but also dedicated change management services to ensure that people — and the bottom line — are getting the most out of the technology. Discover how this magic equation of software and services is already boosting revenue by helping health systems of all sizes perform 2-4 more cases per OR per month and earn an extra $10k per inpatient bed annually. See how AI-based scheduling optimization reduces delays by 80% while machine learning accurately forecasts and matches staff to demand, and how automation eliminates 500k hours of repetitive tasks across organizations.

Over 1,000 hospitals and centers are already solving resource constraints, reducing burnout, and driving growth and sustainability through capacity management. Attendees will hear case studies and learn how to evaluate AI-based technology and service models based on their impact on capacity management, resource planning and assignment, workflows, profitability, and revenue sustainability. Attendees will also see the impact Generative AI is going to have on hospital operations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess innovations that transform operations, including resource allocation, efficiency, and capacity management.
  • Hear real-world case studies and success stories from healthcare organizations that have harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to unlock capacity, optimize workflows, and achieve profitability and sustainability.
  • Get a peek at the future of hospital operations using Generative AI

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