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Managing inpatient capacity is one of the most critical challenges for hospitals. Traditional playbooks and protocols to improve patient flow and eliminate last-minute decision making are reactive, temporary, and short-sighted. iQueue for Inpatient Flow uses predictive analytics and AI to dynamically manage capacity and align your healthcare workforce to meet patient demand.






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We’re honored that distinguished media and professional organizations have recognized us as the leader in capacity management and optimization.

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Improving hospital capacity and operations makes the healthcare experience better for everyone—patients, providers, nurses, and the bottom line. It’s the rare win-win-win-win scenario. See the benefits of partnering with LeanTaaS.

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Inpatient Flow
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Jason Harber
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Inpatient Flow
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Inpatient Flow
A Leading Indianapolis Health System Generated $1M in Savings/Year by Reducing Patient Moves and Improving Staff Allocation
Inpatient Flow
Health First Eliminated 517 Avoidable Days/Month and Reduced Core Floating Staff Across the System by 44%
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Inpatient Flow
UCHealth Decreased Overall Time to Admit by 16%

How iQueue for Inpatient Flow helps

Dynamically manage capacity

Give your care team actionable, real-time insights so they can predict patient surges, pinpoint barriers, and prioritize discharges. This proactive approach, plus a single snapshot view of available beds, discharge, and healthcare staffing needs, empowers teams to take immediate action resulting in improved patient care, throughput, and resource utilization.


Mitigate potential discharge barriers before a patient’s discharge date by receiving accurate, patient-specific predictions using predictive AI (e.g. LOS, missing tests, misclassified patients, post-acute needs). Automatic alerts are communicated daily across care teams, enabling cross-functional collaboration to achieve discharge goals and free up capacity for new admissions.


Create proactive, collaborative, and standardized staffing practices across the organization. iQueue provides operational intelligence to identify future system-wide needs and tools to automate staffing protocols. Nursing leaders and the staffing office make earlier, data-driven decisions that improve the allocation of staff and maximize staffed capacity each day.


The results



New patients/bed/year



Improvement in bed turns



Decrease in ED and PACU boarding



Reduction in Core Staff Floating

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, data transparency & proactive data-driven decision-making needs to be at the forefront. LeanTaaS provides the advanced digital solutions that are an integral part of the experience of those we serve.

Patti Canitano
Division Director Patient Throughput, HealthFirst

It is such a powerful capability since it connects the dots between the data, the insight, and sophisticated algorithms to provide actionable guidance to the front line.

Steve Hess
Chief Information Officer, UCHealth

LeanTaaS has provided us with the tools and strategies to create daily patient flow efficiencies, resulting in measurable and sustainable improvements. As a result, we have been able to streamline discharges and create capacity to care for more patients.

Jessica Connell
MSN, RN, ACNO, Hendrick Brownwood

Our average daily census is now in the mid 800s and we have not gone on diversion, refused transfers or admission, or canceled a surgery or procedure. LeanTaaS’ tools enable us to see where the potential roadblocks are in advance and act.

Director of Logistics
Flow and Observation, Leading Florida Health System

The real-time transparency into daily staffing needs and resources that LeanTaaS provides has enabled us to become more nimble. We now send staff to where patients are and move patients less to ensure the best care experience for each patient.

Director of Nursing
Leading Indianapolis Health System

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