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Beyond Length of Stay: How Hospitals Are Transforming Capacity Management Strategies


Rob G Headshot - David González Jr
Robert Grayhek, MBA, BSN, RN
Client Outcomes Advisor, LeanTaaS
Pallabi Sanyal-Dey
Pallabi Sanyal-Dey, MD, FHM
Director of Clinical Operations, iQueue for Inpatient Flow, LeanTaaS


Every day, inpatient leaders are challenged with a number of systemic issues related to patient flow. These cause long wait times for patients, unbalanced staffing across units, and inefficient throughput overall. When trying to alleviate these problems and practice better capacity management, health system strategies too often solely focus on minimizing length of stay. In many of these cases, there is misplaced focus on “starting discharge planning upon patients’ admission,” which only exacerbates the underlying operational contributors to discharge delays. 

Alternative proven strategies that align inpatient staff on addressing operational bottlenecks effectively  have the impact of streamlining discharge processes, leading to reduced length of stay, discharge processing time, and rates of boarding the ED. These outcomes in turn open access to care overall. Through partnering with the LeanTaaS team to deploy AI-powered iQueue for Inpatient Flow solutions, health systems can transform four key daily inpatient flow processes: discharge planning as well as capacity management, nurse staffing, and performance measurement. 

In this session, two expert leaders and clinicians from LeanTaaS describe the strategies and intelligent workflow automation hospital leaders and front line teams are already leveraging to realize not only reduced length of stay, but increased revenue, better margins, improved quality of care, and higher patient and staff satisfaction. 

Viewers of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Describe the causes of common inpatient flow challenges like long wait times, unbalanced staffing, and inefficient throughput
  • Assess proven strategies beyond only minimizing length of stay that can address underlying operational contributors to discharge delays
  • Evaluate how health systems can deploy AI technology and partner with third party experts to transform inpatient flow processes and achieve reduced length of stay along with other benefits


15% reduced length of stay
22% discharge processing time
+45% reduced ED boarding
A whole team of experts that we have, folks who have literally created and started up flow processes, transfer centers, have their black belt in Lean…We come as a team to really work with you to understand what is your true north at your hospital, at your healthcare system.
Pallabi Sanyal-Dey, MD, FHM
Director of Clinical Operations, iQueue for Inpatient Flow, LeanTaaS

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