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100 hospitals across 23 health systems — totaling more than 19,500 beds — rely on iQueue for Inpatient Flow to drive complex, inpatient capacity management decisions around bed availability, patient flow, and staffing needs.


Managing inpatient capacity is one of the most critical challenges for hospitals. It requires a complex balancing act of coordinating bed availability, patient throughput, and staffing needs to ensure that the right resources are available to accommodate patient demand. Without the ability to proactively manage capacity and staffing, bottlenecks occur that impact patient flow, prompting high wait times, long lengths of stay, diversions, or patients leaving without being treated. The result? Inadequate patient care, reduced staff satisfaction, and lost revenue for the hospital.

Dynamically manage capacity with AI-enabled automation

iQueue for Inpatient Flow continuously monitors the operational health of your health system to proactively predict patient surges, pinpoint barriers, prioritize discharges, and deliver actionable insights directly to the appropriate team members, all in real time. This proactive approach, along with the ability to view available beds, discharge, and staffing needs within one view, enables teams to take immediate action resulting in improved patient care, throughput, and resource utilization.

Orchestrate daily discharges

iQueue for Inpatient Flow orchestrates action across leaders and frontline teams through real-time insights that help to streamline the entire care journey from admission to day of discharge. Using accurate patient-specific predictions (e.g. LOS, missing tests, misclassified patients, post-acute needs), care teams can mitigate potential discharge barriers days before a patient’s discharge date. Each day, discharge priorities and any remaining barriers are automatically communicated across care teams, enabling cross-functional collaboration to achieve the day’s discharge goals and freeing up capacity for new admissions. This connected and collaborative approach to discharge management drives action to where it’s needed most, resulting in a better patient experience, more efficient patient throughput, and increased capacity.

Streamline clinical staffing

iQueue for Inpatient Flow uses intelligent workflow automation and streamlined communication to create proactive, collaborative, and standardized staffing practices across the organization. The solution provides staffing leaders with the operational intelligence required to identify future system-wide needs, and the tools to automate staffing protocols to get ahead of them. This empowers nursing leaders and the staffing office to make earlier, data-driven decisions that improve the allocation of staff and maximize staffed capacity each day.

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