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iQueue for Inpatient Beds drives daily inpatient capacity management decisions at all levels from a single operations-focused source of truth, including discharge planning and admissions predictions for each unit by time of day. It also surfaces admission bottlenecks by service and level of care and highlights high-impact transfers, helping you create hospital bed capacity for the right patient at the right time.

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Managing hospital bed capacity is a complex problem even in normal times. Planned and unplanned sources of demand coming from emergency departments, ORs, clinics, as well as transfers from other hospitals contribute to an already variable volume of patients overall. Admissions and discharges suffer from mismatched timing and most discharges are delayed and occur later in the day when demand for beds is already high. The result? A discharge planning process that is inherently inefficient and complex, and ultimately contributes to increased Length of Stays.

Create a hospital-wide source of truth

iQueue for Inpatient Beds provides admissions, discharges, and end-of-day “balance” predictions by unit in 2-hour time windows, plus visibility into

“hotspot” issues like COVID/non-COVID capacity, ICU availability, and telehealth resources.

Hospital-wide source of truth

Support patient placement & capacity management

iQueue for Inpatient Beds predicts the total admission queue by source and can calculate the number of patients who will likely need to be placed in the ICU, exposes service shortfalls, and

provides comparisons of current capacity versus the current queue, as well as the projected capacity versus the projected queue by service and primary/secondary units.

Patient placement and capacity management

Guide transfers

iQueue for Inpatient Beds provides visibility into requested and potential internal transfers with guidance on which are feasible now or later the same day.

Our bed management system also provides direct recommendations, guiding House Supervisors and Patient Placement teams into making the most impactful transfers to open up the right hospital bed capacity at the right time.

Guide Transfers

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