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Create Capacity with AI at December’s Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit 

This December, all infusion leaders are called to mark their calendars for a groundbreaking event— the Transform Infusion Center Operations Virtual Summit, taking place on December 6, 2023. Co-hosted with Becker’s Healthcare, this summit is the gateway to the latest innovations reshaping the landscape of infusion center operations.  Infusion centers are at the forefront of […]

Drive ROI from Healthcare AI this December, at the Sixth Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit  

To discover the latest applications of AI technology in optimizing health systems and hospital operations, join the Transform Hospital Operations Virtual Summit, co-hosted by LeanTaaS in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare, on December 5-6.  As hospitals and health systems continue evolving to meet the ever changing landscape of operational challenges, including narrower cost margins and continued […]

How NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center Used AI to Cut Wait Times by 8% While Allowing for 25% More Same Day Add-On Patients

A busy urban facility, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center’s Adult Infusion Center strove to accommodate volume efficiently while providing a positive experience for its many patients. The center was struggling, however, with extended patient wait times, nurses having to stay past closing time, and an inflexible schedule that did not account for no-show and same […]

How Nebraska Medicine and Rush University Cancer Center Leveraged Advanced Analytics to Optimize Infusion Operations for Up to 10% More Patients Served

Infusion scheduling is a complex problem. Capacity, including nurse resources, is limited and fixed, while patients’ need for appointments is unlimited and variable. The mismatch between nurses and patient loads leads to busy midday “peaks” between 10am and 2pm, causing inconsistent nurse workloads, missed lunch breaks and a higher risk of burnout. By instead level loading […]

How Texas Oncology-Presbyterian Cancer Center Dallas Safely Accommodated a 25% Surge in Scheduled Patients After an Unexpected Closure

A 33-chair facility serving the entire metro area, Texas Oncology-Presbyterian Cancer Center Dallas faced a multi-day, unexpected closure due as an ice storm shut down the state for nearly a whole week. These unforeseen circumstances left that week’s worth of vulnerable patients, many needing time-sensitive treatments, needing to be rescheduled as quickly as possible. The […]

How St. Mary’s Medical Center Rebalanced Infusion Scheduling and Increased Nurse Productivity with iQueue in 7 Weeks

St. Mary’s Medical Center has delivered comprehensive care to patients in western Colorado and eastern Utah for over a century, and St. Mary’s Cancer Center maintains an especially high standard of care. Infusion scheduling and capacity challenges, however, were consistently disrupting the quality experience that St. Mary Medical Center strove to provide to both patients […]

Leveraging KU Cancer Center Lean Management System to Deploy iQueue for Infusion Centers to Alleviate Pain Points 80% Faster

The University of Kansas Cancer Center (KU Cancer Center) is a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center providing infusion services to 13,000 patients annually at six locations. KU Cancer Center adopted a lean methodology in 2015 and maintains this approach to continually expand its scope and quality toward full cancer center optimization. In 2019, the […]