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Accelerating Outcomes: How AI Helps Command Centers Achieve More


IPF Impact Story 2_ Susan_Grimwood_SMH
Susan Grimwood
Executive Director, Logistics, Capacity and Patient Throughput, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System
Schiara Gonzalez Parker.jpeg
Schiara Gonzalez Parker, MBA, BSN, RN
Senior Director of Patient Flow, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Alicia Vermeulen.jpeg
Alicia Vermeulen, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CEN
Director of Patient Placement and Logistics, Avera Transfer Center, Virtual Patient Care, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center


Healthcare systems have made tremendous strides in delivering quality care despite rising complexity and cost pressures. Their accomplishments speak to the skill and dedication leaders have invested in optimizing clinical and operational processes. Yet the most innovative recognize there are always new heights to reach. Guided by a commitment to continuous improvement and equipped with advanced analytics, these trailblazing systems are uncovering previously untapped potential, taking excellence to the next level.

In this panel, command center leaders at the forefront of advanced analytics adoption will share how it uncovers new potential by providing:

  • Enhanced system wide visibility to optimize existing processes and unlock hidden potential
  • Data-driven insights to guide staff decision making and empower them to anticipate challenges
  • Predictive capabilities to get ahead of operational challenges and mitigate risks
  • Alignment around shared goals across the system to rally leaders around unified objectives

Join us as healthcare leaders discuss leveraging advanced analytics to carry operational excellence to new heights in today’s complex environment.

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