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AI-Powered Hospital Operations: Unlocking Scarce Capacity & Delivering Strong ROI


Sanjeev Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer & President, LeanTaaS
Sanjeev Agrawal
Chief Operating Officer & President, LeanTaaS


The foundational math of capacity management, matching supply with demand, is broken. Existing tools and processes need to be fundamentally revamped for health systems to overcome endemic shortages in staffing and capacity, to maximize use of their assets, improve staff satisfaction and create value for patients and themselves. The key is deploying proven and scalable AI-driven, intelligent, virtual, and distributed systems and creating a culture of innovation in the organization that embraces change. The results show 6+ new patients per bed annually, $20k per infusion chairs annually, and add 30-50 cases per OR annually with less chaos, less burnout, and less provider alarm fatigue.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the limitations of existing tools and processes for capacity management in healthcare.
  • Learn about the benefits of implementing AI-driven, intelligent, virtual, and distributed systems for capacity and staffing management.
  • New AI powered innovation being launched
  • Future of Hospital Operations : Generative AI

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